Wandering Tokyo, part 1

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My childhood friend Melissa Wong Kamakawiwoole now lives in Japan, and she came all the way out from Kakegawa to hang out with me in the big city. Since we only had a couple of days, we did some whirlwind touring jumping on and off the trains/metro to cover as much ground as possible.

If you have Asakusa on your schedule, combine it with a visit to Ueno, which is along the way — although you could easily spend a whole day in either town. In fact, you can probably spend a half day in Ueno station alone! My social media friend Yoshiko Hino had the day free so joined us once we got to Asakusa.

Here’s a look at what we saw, which is quite a bit for one day.

Aloha Tokyo!

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When in Japan, try their parfait-like desserts called anmitsu. This is pumpkin anmitsu and matcha (green tea) anmitsu, which include mochi balls, warabi mochi, and azuki beans.

These were just the highlights.  To see all photos from the trip, click here. 

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Up next: Tsukiji Market to Kyubei sushi!