Vegas, here I come!

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Island Sushi & Grill in Henderson is run by Hawaii locals.

Yes, it’s time once again to escape the holidays for a week of gambling, shopping, shows, and, of course, eating in Las Vegas. Last time I was there, I did a Metromix gallery on new(ish) places that Hawaii locals like to eat, outside of the usual spots downtown.

This time, I’m going back to some of those restaurants and bakeries to see what’s new, but will try to check in to new hotspots as well. I hear Caked Las Vegas is off the hook; Studio B and Baby Cakes in the M Resort are supposed to be well worth the visit.

Since I’m going to be blogging every day on the road, I’ll also try to take in some shopping and new attractions. But not everything will be brand new — since I’m on assignment from InsideOut Hawaii and Vacations Hawaii, I do have to check out what’s going on at the Hawaii favorites in the Boyd casinos downtown. I hope to find out what the hot new games are and if there are any new menu items at the restaurants.

Kari of Retro Bakery is known for her bacon cupcakes.

While I’m there, I’ll be meeting up with friends along the way, including Nonstop’s Ed Morita (note: he’s coming to Vegas on his own!). We also hope to be tweeting up with some Las Vegas locals.

Do you have any suggestions on what to do, see, or eat? Where do you like to go when you visit the ninth island?  Any ideas on where to go for New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas? Post your suggestions here, I’m open to ideas!


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