San Francisco: Dinner at Aziza

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If you’re headed to San Francisco and are looking for something truly unique, you might try dinner at Aziza. I wanted to meet a couple of foodie Twitter friends, @CarinaOst and @TheDapperDiner, so they arranged reservations at this Moroccan-inspired restaurant. (We also got to meet Los Angeles foodies @WalkerMarkLA and @I_flip_for_Food.)

The food here is not just globally fusion, they use seasonal, organic, local ingredients. And, if any of you know Chris Kajioka from Roy’s, he’s here and is the guy who does all the fish (naturally).

One caveat, it’s out in the Richmond district, which to some is out of the way. I heard a rumor that Aziza is looking to move at some point so they can be in a more highly-trafficked area. Still, it’s worth looking for.

Here’s how dinner went, and I think you’ll agree: it’s a good place to go in a group because you’ll want to try everything.

San Francisco: Dinner at Aziza

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When people find out I had dinner at Aziza, they are impressed and ask how it was. In San Francisco, everyone knows that Aziza is known for their unusual cocktails and fantastic food.

Tweeting up with me, from left, are Angela (@I_flip_for_food), Carina (@CarinaOst), me, Donovan (@Thedapperdiner), and Mark (@WalkerMarkLA).

5800 Geary Blvd. at 22nd Ave.