Eating, meeting LiveFyre, eating, and more eating

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Yesterday was Lynda’s last day in the city, so we made sure she tried Tartine Bakery — one of my favorite San Francisco spots — before she left. It’s always better to hit this place on a weekday, so you don’t stand in a crazy line and fight people for seats.

Since I’m here, I had to visit the good people at LiveFyre. If you haven’t noticed, they are the ones who power the functionality for the comments on our blogs. They’re a startup, Nonstop is a startup, so it’s a pretty good match. In addition to a yummy lunch and a grand tour of the LiveFyre office, Jordan gave me some more dining tips. I don’t know if I can do them all this trip, but will try to do it when I return next May.

I want you guys to know that I’m not just eating, though! I did shop for a few hours after I left the LiveFyre crew, until my feet died. Then I headed to Flour + Water to have dinner with less guilt. Here are yesterday’s highlights:

Tartine Bakery

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No matter what, I always try to make a stop at Tartine Bakery. They often seem to run out of the bread pudding, so we were lucky to get some this time. Tartine makes it with fresh apples, so there's a slight tartness.

One last note, I had to take a video of this street performer on my way back to my hotel. He hauled a full-on piano to the street corner! Anyone who puts in that much effort gets money from me. I wanted to ask him what his story was, but he wouldn’t stop playing.

Next up: Visiting my cousin in Sunnyvale (this one may not be very exciting).


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