Celebrating iPads’ birthday with HiPad and TUAW

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When the iPad was introduced to the world on Jan. 27, 2010 critics called it nothing but an oversized iPod Touch. Many wondered why anybody would need such a device, but here we are now a year later with the iPad, still as popular as ever and considered to be the device that defined the tablet market.

Exactly one year ago today, on April 3, 2010,Apple retailers saw endless lines of people anxiously waiting to get their hands on this “magical and revolutionary” device. As the second version of the iPad was released last month, it seems as if the buzz has only gotten bigger and louder.

Today, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), organized meet-ups in 114 cities around the globe to celebrate the iPad’s first birthday. Here in Hawaii, a group of die hard iPad fans, informally known as the Hawaii iPad Users Group (HiPad), met to share their iPad experiences.

The event was a way for HiPaders to share their app recommendations, fantasize about future developments, and collaborate on workflows and best practices for using the iPad as a work tool. Okay, and we also talked about what were the best games to play on the iPad.

Following the meal, good cheer and war stories, Clayton Wakaida, @jarofclay73, showed us the AR Drone, an augmented reality four-bladed helicopter that is wirelessly controlled by the iPad. Calyton’s demonstration stole the show, with bystanders at the Ward 16 Theatres stopped and marveled this flying UFO-like contraption.


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@Topher808 and @jarofclay73 at Dave & Buster's for the HiPad and TUAW meetup.

HiPad normally meets on the first Thursday of the month, so if you’re an iPad owner or someone still on the fence about becoming one, you should join in on the fun. The group is very open and loves inviting new people. We promise there won’t be any weird initiation rituals or funny looking costumes and rhythmic dancing (well, at least not the dancing part). Anybody from novice to expert will find these meet ups fun and exciting.

For more information contact me, Shawn “Doc Rock” Boyd, and follow Nonstop Events Calendar for dates and locations.