Jack in the Box Teriyaki Steak Bowl and egg roll

What I found at Jack in the Box: Teriyaki steak bowl

Look kinda like beef broccoli. Should Panda Express be worried?
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What I found at ... is a series that tests and vets intriguing store-bought foodie finds. It’s the mainland and global parallel to KaSnack attack!, our series reviewing made-in-Hawaii snacks.

What: Teriyaki Steak Bowl
Where: All Jack in the Box Hawaii locations
Cost: $6.99

Q: Is Jack in the Box's latest Asian offering any good?

I got one coupon in da mail that hyped up Jack's Teriyaki Bowls. Da ad said their Teriyaki Steak Bowl wuz new. An'den it said their Teriyaki Chicken Bowl now comes with 40 percent more chicken. On da top it said Limited Time Only. So who knows how long this steak one will stick around. And I not sure, but does it mean that da chicken one will eventually revert back to having 40 percent LESS chicken?

When I got to da restaurant I noticed da Teriyaki Chicken Bowl wuz already on top their regular menu, so I asked da girl how long they had that. She said at least couple few years, cuz they had it as long as she worked there. Even though I wuz there for da new Teriyaki Steak Bowl, I decided for try their oddah Asian-ee offerings as well.  Wuz weird when Jack's only Asian type thing wuz their egg rolls. But with couple few things on their menu, now you gotta wonder. Maybe they see how well Panda Express stay doing so they want some of that action.



Both bowls came with da perfect portion of steak and chicken respectively. But I can only imagine how little bit chicken must've had before they decided to increase their portion size. Maybe too many people complained and said, Wea da chicken? You guys should call this Broccoli Bowl, brah.

So for both bowls, da teriyaki sauce stay little on da sweeter side. You kinda gotta expect that knowing they going gear their teriyaki sauce towards da American taste palate of how they think teriyaki sauce should taste. I wuz expecting wuz going be Godawful sweet, but I wuz pleasantly surprised that wuz only sukoshi kine little bit sweet. 

Even though I thought it beared one resemblace to beef broccoli in terms of lookings, it ended up tasting nothing like da Chinese stir-fry I had imagined. I no think Panda Express gotta worry. For these Jack in the Box bowls, basically you just getting one bowl rice, which they layer with steamed broccoli and carrots. Den they throw on some meat or chicken tossed with teriyaki sauce on top. Nevah taste junk. But not like it tasted especially good either. 



A: Maybe pass on da bowls, but love those egg rolls. 

Though I went to there for sample their bowls I glad my coupons included egg rolls as part of da combo. I think I tried their egg rolls once several years back, but I just ate 'em to eat. Studying 'em closer now, I see how da ting get diced pork, celery, carrots and cabbage inside. Their website said supposed to get onions too, but I had hard time seeing da onions. Combined with their sweet and sour dipping sauce, das some good stuff.