kirkland signature tiramisu cake at the Costco bakery

What I found at Costco: Tiramisu cake

Can Kirkland Signature's giant tiramisu stand up to a restaurant's?
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What I found at … is a series that tests and vets intriguing store-bought foodie finds. 

What: Kirkland Signature tiramisu bar cake
Where: Bakery department refrigerated case
Cost: $15.99 for a 2.37 lb cake

Q: Can Kirkland's giant tiramisu stand up to a restaurant-quality dessert?

I'm not too keen on super sweet treats and seek out those that strike a balance of sweet and bitter. Tiramisu happens to be one of them. You don't feel too guilty about indulging in a slice after feasting on pasta and braised meats. Light-as-air sweetened mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar are tamed by the bitter bite of espresso-soaked lady fingers and a generous dusting of cocoa powder. Coffee and chocolate also pair well with cream, making tiramisu one of those perfect desserts. 

Tiramisu in the bakery case at Costco
The name tiramisu is derived from an Italian phrase that translates as "pick me up" 

Browsing Costco Iwilei one evening, I was intrigued to find a nearly bare shelf in the bakery department — usually a sign that something is good. It was the new tiramisu bar cake, and only three remained. I knew I had to see if this was the gigantic tiramisu cake of my dreams. 

Slice of Costco tiramisu

At an Italian restaurant, $16 might be enough for two small slices of tiramisu — not expensive but not cheap, either. No store knows value like Costco Wholesale, so it is not surprising to discover you can slice this 38-ounce cake into seven 5.42-ounce portions, which would be comparable to a restaurant serving. 

A: No, but ...

The Kirkland Signature tiramisu cake is an extreme value for the money. It's also very moist and full of coffee liqueur. But that's where its benefits end. 

Tiramisu cake fork

This cake leans far too sweet for my liking and lacks that generous dusting of cocoa powder that would instantly distinguish it from other desserts. After a few bites, I find myself giving up on the sugar overload. 

If you're willing to try it for yourself, I recommend eating your slice with a shot of espresso to balance out the sweetened mascarpone cheese and coffee liqueur. 


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