Spam breaded pork patties katsu Costco

Spam's breaded pork patties now available at Costco in da frozen section.

What I found at Costco: Spam breaded pork patties (it's katsu)

Does Hormel's new frozen Spam katsu pass da local taste test?
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What I found at … is a series that tests and vets intriguing store-bought foodie finds. 

What: Spam Breaded Pork Patties, i.e. Spam katsu
Where: Frozen section
Cost: $9.59 for 18 small individual patties

Q: Does da new Spam katsu pass da local taste test?

When I first read that Spam wuz selling "breaded pork patties" I wuz intrigued. Cuz as one Hawaii person, I pretty much obligated for be curious about all tings Spam. But then I read wuz only available in California. Shucks. Maybe a week later I heard it came availables in Hawaii, but I wuz still disappointed cuz wuz only at Costco and I no more Costco membership! 

Lucky for me our super awesome family friend Daris Aoki bravely volunteered for go Costco for us on Super Bowl weekend. I figure she probably had to fight for parking and brave da long lines for complete her Frolic mission objective. But she nevah complain, nahting, brah. Das how good a friend she is.

Daris Aoki meeting me at the rendevous point. If you look real close, you might see what else she brought in her trunk.

Does da sandwich pictured on da front make you wanna buy this? Look like it's one breaded pork patty sandwich with pineapple, cole slaw I tink and some kinda sauce? I dunno, but that just looks unappetizing to me. At least on da back they show examples of stuff that looks more regulars (to Hawaii people at least).

I guess they calling 'em "Breaded Pork Patties" cuz they must think people on da continent dunno what katsu is. It looked like wuz going be pretty much like Spam katsu, but I wuz still curious how these pre-breaded frozen versions would turn out.

This how look when you open da box. Get EIGHTEEN Spam patties inside, two per serving

Da three suggested methods of preparation das suggested on top da box wuz oven bake, pan fry and air fryer. I no more one air fryer appliance so I wuz just gonna try da oddah two methods. But anticipating I might wanna try air frying, our good friend Daris took da initiative and brought along her air fryer too! Try look da photo, she get 'em in her trunk!

We tried all da suggested methods for preparing da Spam patties

Da hardest part of conducting this taste test wuz trying for keep da childrens away. They kept wanting for sample before da adults could try 'em. Finally I decided to just cook more and let them eat too.

Da breading wuz not quite as fine as Tyson Chicken Nugget-type breading, yet it wuzn't quite katsu-like. It wuz a little less coarse than some of da better chicken katsus we've had. 

We cooked 'em all three ways and like we kinda guessed, da oven-baked one wuz da least crisp. We could taste da Spam a little. For some reason when we made it with da air fryer, da Spam came out super airy. Da breading wuz crisper, but da whole ting wuz so airy that we couldn't really tell we wuz eating Spam! Da Spam just completely lost its texture. And of course da pan-fried one came out da crispest. But da best thing wuz da consistency and taste of da Spam wuz preserved.

Da childrens liked 'em all, but they said da pan-fried one wuz defintely da bes!

I guess it's not one surprise that children love this. Especially when you pan-fry it

A: Not one bad product, but one epic marketing fail

Spam katsu's been around for awhiles now. In Hawaii, lotta places that offer Japanese-kine curry offer Spam katsu. But I guess for people on top da continent, it might be harder for find. Da adults in this taste test think that overall it wuzn't too bad. It's good if you feeling lazy for cook. But you can make better Spam katsu at home if you wanted to. Cuz you would be able to control how thick you make da Spam. I think this one holds up to da kine you can find at restaurants ova here; da Spams both stay around da same thickness. Like da restaurant kine, da adults thought it wuz kinda greasy so we could only eat one or two.

But da childrens fully loved this and they would probably have eaten more if we had let them. Though they've had Spam katsu and Spam fries before, just da novelty of making this at home wuz one joy for them. 

Seems like da Hormel company stay targeting adults for get more people to like Spam by showing them how they can make all these fancy Spam dishes. But I tink they might be going about 'em all wrong. I no think these "breaded pork patties" going win over adults who hate Spam.

I do think if they marketed this more like chicken nuggets, kids would go crazy. When they roll this out to da rest of da nation, they might wanna package this with one cute Spam character on da box (instead of that gross sandwich), make their patties more smaller and call 'em Spam Nuggets. That would be winnahs!

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