We’re hooked on the seafood at McCully Shopping Center

Hot pot, live lobsters, shrimp tempura curries and more
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Live Maine lobsters, Dungeness crab and abalone. Comforting hot pot broths with a medley of seafood add-ins. Umami-rich Japanese curries paired with a la carte seafood.

Whatever floats your boat, the restaurants at McCully Shopping Center offer a variety of options when you’re in the mood for delicious seafood. The best part? A seafood dinner here won’t break the bank.

Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Live whole lobsters are only $14.99 with an a la carte purchase (limit one lobster/person, dine-in only).

Fook Yuen is known for its live Maine lobster ($14.99 each), live Dungeness crab ($26/lb), live Hawaiian prawn ($55/lb), fresh island uhu ($28/lb) and plenty more seafood. Prices are subject to market rates, but seafood lovers can rejoice at the fresh ocean bounty — starting with the large tank of live lobsters near the entrance.  

Fresh abalone is $9.50 each, a customer favorite because it’s served live.

Diners looking for a great deal should take advantage of Fook Yuen’s daily lunch buffet, which costs $12.95 on weekdays and only $13.95 on weekends.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

If you want something warm, tasty and comforting, Curry House offers loads of variations on its signature dish. Among the most popular: the top shell clam/spinach combo ($9.70), a dish rich with seafood and tender, healthful spinach.

The top shell clam/spinach curry is a popular blend of seafood and veggies.

On the crunchier side, the panko-battered shrimp fry ($7.60) — which comes with three pieces of shrimp tempura — is a customer favorite. Other seafood curries include white fish fry ($7.15), tako ball ($7.60), squid ($7.60), oyster fry ($8.30) and more.

Shrimp fry is one of the most popular seafood curries.

Don't overlook seafood side orders like shrimp shumai ($2.05 for seven dumplings) and mini deep-fried octopuses ($2.45 for six pieces).

Hot Pot Heaven

The sky’s the limit at Hot Pot Heaven, where you can add pretty much anything you want to your bubbling broth. The DIY hot pot process is easy — you choose a broth, then help yourself to an array of seafood, meats, veggies, mushrooms and noodles from the fridges. The a la carte plates are color-coded by price.

The seafood broth ($10.99), one of the most popular choices, is made with tender crab meat and sautéed shrimp. Since it’s seasoned with Cajun spices, it’s perfect for those who like things hot, and it’s garnished with cilantro and fresh spring onions. You can order the broth mild, medium or spicy.

Combine any of Hot Pot Heaven's choices to create the ultimate seafood feast.

Seafood items you can add in your pot range from shrimp balls and lobster balls to mussels, shrimp (with or without the head) and clam meat. Salmon and basa fillets ($5.89 each) are also frequently ordered — salmon is a customer favorite — and baby octopus ($4.89) is a newer menu addition.

Fun fact: While the headless shrimp ($4.89) are more popular among customers, the ones in the shell ($5.89) are juicier and sweeter.

Want even more flavor? Choose from any of the 10 sauces at the restaurant’s sauce station. The dipping sauces are made in-house, and ginger and ponzu pair especially well with the seafood broth.

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