Vegas eats: Inyo Asian Restaurant

I always do my homework before I travel. While researching where to eat in Las Vegas before my last trip, one fairly new restaurant kept popping up on list after list — Vegas’ Hottest Restaurants, Best Vegas Restaurants, Best New Vegas Restaurants. I’m not talking about the latest from Gordon Ramsay or Thomas Keller. I’m talking about a modest Asian restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. I’m talking about Inyo Asian Restaurant.

Eighteen months after opening, Inyo is still relatively uncrowded despite the internet hype. So go now. I promise it will get crowded. The secret will soon be out about their creative, delicious offerings at very reasonable prices. Here’s a look at what we ate.

I had to check the menu to see if this Japanese sweet corn was laced with crack. Alas, no, just miso butter. But damn, it was so good. ($3.99 or $2.99 during happy hour)

This smoked Kurobuta pulled pork with bao was deelish on its own, but the “Kentuckyaki” sauce took it over the top. ($12.99)

Inyo offers three types of chicken wings – Japanese Tebasaki, Korean Kochugaru and Thai Chile. We opted for the Korean and Thai. Big and meaty, mashiso and aroi mak. ($4.99 or $2.99 during happy hour)

First we wanted to get the snow crab fried rice. No, the oxtail fried rice. We finally decided on the squid ink and uni fried rice. We did not regret it. The uni was surprisingly fresh and the flavor of the rice was subtle: At first you couldn’t really taste the squid ink, then all of a sudden you’re craving more. There was hardly a grain of rice left when we were done. ($11.99)

The wifey is a marrow maniac so of course we had to order this. Inyo’s version is mixed with truffle miso, shaved bonito and fried herbs and served with Japanese milk toast. ($10.99)

I’ve never had tender, premium A5 Wagyu beef before so I couldn’t resist ordering this despite its hefty price. I was so glad we splurged. Comes with a hot stone to grill. ($29.99 for 2 oz.)

Of course we had to get dessert (we were on vacation, after all). Ice cream capped off the feast. Perfect end to a perfect meal.

The menu is diverse and there were so many offerings that we were dying to try but just couldn’t fit into our already expanded bellies. I will definitely be back. If you go, check out their happy hour specials between 5 and 6pm and 9pm to 1am. That’s right, you can get your late night cravings satisfied as well. Hope to see some of you there!

Inyo Asian Restaurant
6000 W. Spring Mountain Road, #1B