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Impressive! This snack stay produced exclusively for Fisher Hawaii

Unusual kine snacks you find at Fisher Hawaii

Get way more than school supplies inside da stores
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I love when I find unusual kine snack foods at stores you no normally associate with food. Da oddah week I came across one baked malasada muffin mix at City Mill. An'den couple days later I found da snack aisle at Fisher in Mapunapuna of all places (yes, they get one snack aisle!) while da family wuz shopping for school supplies. To my delight wuzn't all da same snacks get everyplace else. Here's some of da more intriguing stuffs.

Hawaiian Fried Peanuts Spicy, $3.29

Small kid time, boiled peanuts wuz one popular snack that I saw older people eating a lot. My faddah used to get his boiled peanuts from da old Chris's Peanut Shop in Waimalu, but he'd also eat Planter's dry roasted kine too when he couldn't get boiled kine.

It never occurred to me you could fry peanuts and eat da shell too. But apparently this is one popular snack in da South where they love for fry anykine, brah. I wuz hesitant for eat this at first. I tried peeling 'em for see if just da peanut itself tasted any different. It didn't. Tasted like unsalted Planter's. For this one, all da crunch and da flavor stay on top da shell. It's actualy pretty good. Da coolest part is it's HAWAIIAN Fried Peanuts. Not cuz they grow da peanuts here, but because they use Hawaiian salt and Hawaiian chili peppers for da seasoning.

It's packaged exclusively for Fisher Hawaii, so just like how my faddah used make special trips for get boiled peanuts, I betchoo must get fried peanut lovers who buy beer then make a special pupu trek ... to Fisher.

Kim Chee Potato Chips, $3.49

Nowdays get more and more American potato chip companies trying for incorporate Asian flavor profiles when they do special limited edition chips. I remember tinking Kettle Brand's Korean Barbeque one wuz not bad, but when I let my Korean friends Grace Lee and Grace Ryu try 'em, both of them said, No, not spicy enough. But I dunno if wuz cuz they both Korean or cuz they both named Grace? Come for think of it, I dunno any non-Korean people named Grace.

Anyhow, da whole reason I got this one wuz cuz I wanted for see if one Asian company can do spicy right. This chip managed for capture da essence of kim chee as it wuz little bit sour and little bit sweet. AND it wuz way more spicy than any typical American BBQ chip. Still, I not sure if da Miss Koreas I know would approve. They'd be quick to point out that this is one product of Taiwan. Lol. #stillnotkoreanenough

Ugly Cookies, $4.39

Da first time I tried Ugly Cookies wuz when I went to da Kona Chips factory store on top Hawaii island. It's their kettle-cooked potato chips that makes da cookies taste so ono. Ironically these Ugly Cookies come nicely packaged in this handsome box now. An'den this is one total tangent, but if you wuz ever curious about if girls who like pretty boys will like ugly cookies, be sure for read my old post where I did one pretty scientific cookie experiment.

Bamboo Charcoal Peanuts, $3.59

I wuz interested in this one, but scared too. What if it made my mouth all black? I remember using black charcoal soap one time and it wuzn't really good for my white sink. And while these peanuts look neat, I not sure if charcoal would really affect da taste. One time I tried charcoal hamburger buns and if I closed my eyes, I wouldn't have known da buns wuz special and made my burger cost five dollars more. Lol. In my mind I imagine these peanuts tasting like iso peanut. If anybody tries this, try lemme know if my guess is correct.

Mushroom Crisps, $4.99

Typically I think of mushrooms as one ingre-da-ment as part of one dish. It nevah occurred to me that mushroom in and of itself can be one snack too! And it never occurred to me mushrooms could be crispy?! I ended up not buying these, but I wanted to. If our school supply list never require hand sanitizer which is really expensive nowdays maybe we could've bought more snacks!