Two-minute takeout: Hide-chan Restaurant

A tableside review of crispy stuff from a longtime Moiliili hole-in-the-wall
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It's still a delicious landscape out there! As we wait for Oahu restaurants to reopen for dine-in, we're trying takeout from places we've never been before.

Hey everyone, it's Thomas again. I'm back for another Two-minute takeout. I was craving Okinawan. And this time I was looking on Facebook, and my friend posted about Hide-chan. I've never been to Hide-chan before, but this earlier this year I went to Okinawa and I'm craving (it). I'm craving Okinawan food.

And I've found something I've never tried before. It's called nasubi hasamiage, so think of a deep-fried, katsu'd eggplant but instead, it's stuffed with pork. So I'm like, "Yes! That sounds good." And I had to get goya tempura and I also got imo tempura, or sweet potato tempura, which is very good. I love that stuff. 

So the teishoku set, of course, includes rice, salad, tsukemono and miso soup. And I think this is $14, $15. And then this (pointing to tempura) is like $10 as like a combo.

Let's dig in! Ooh, they're still crispy. 


Mmm. Oh my God. That's really good. So you definitely get the texture of the eggplant, but there's like a piece of pork? Pork belly? Maybe pork tenderloin. 

Oh. That's super good. And they give you these packets of a sweet katsu sauce to pour on top. Yum. Oh my God! I can't believe I've never been here before. 

So the thing about Hide-chan, it's in Moiliili, it's cash only, they're a really small mom-and-pop operation. Like, my receipt is written out. Handwritten and then they stamp it and give it to you. Super cute. 

Goya. Goya tempura. 


So goya, as you know, is bittermelon. Oh, and it's bitter. So if you love that, get the goya tempura. The batter is super light. It's still crispy, too. Sweet potato. I love this combo because you get the bitterness, you get the sweetness, you kind of contrast both of them.

So good. I still can't believe I've never been here before. 

And that's my Two-minute takeout from Hide-chan in Moiliili.

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Hide-chan Restaurant
2471 S. King St.
Temporary hours Tues-Sun 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Cash only