TsuruTonTan just discounted 15 udon bowls for happy hour

These are full-size portions and some of them are half-price
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TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle Brasserie is known for its $9.95 udon and donburi lunch specials. But the extensive happy hour menu is one of my favorites with its duck meatballs, seared wagyu sushi, $1.99 draft beers and $2.99 glasses of sake. Now, finally, there's also happy hour udon — more than 15 kinds, all full portions and some of them up to 50% off.

Udon happy hour menu
New udon happy hour menu

Udon bowls at happy hour range from $8 to $20. There’s seriously an udon option for every budget. But happy hour is also seriously shorter now. It used to run from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; now it's 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. The regular happy hour menu is available during this time and again from 8:30 p.m. until closing.

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Tsurutontan Deluxe
TsuruTonTan Deluxe udon ($17) comes with shrimp and vegetable tempura, beef, chicken and egg drop broth

I slurped more than my share of udon at a recent media event. The TsuruTonTan Deluxe Udon ($17, regular price $25), one of the signature dishes, is a good mix of textures with assorted tempura and oyako-style chicken and egg accompanying the noodles.

Uni creme udon
Uni crème udon ($20) with uni, tobiko caviar and shiso leaf in an uni crème broth

If you’re feeling luxe, opt for this indulgent, creamy udon ($20, regular price $25), one of TsuruTonTan's most popular. it's not every day that you find uni crowning a bowl of noodles. This creamy sauce is similar to a carbonara. You definitely pick up the uni flavor and the tobiko caviar topping adds small pops. You can choose between skinny or thick udon noodles for your bowl. 

Ikura udon
Ikura oroshi udon, $15

This udon features grated daikon and a generous portion of ikura. The discounted $15 price is a lot friendlier than the normal $22. 

Other udon bowls you'll find at happy hour range from simpler options like beef, chicken, vegetable tempura and shrimp tempura udon to the more elaborat mentaiko ankake (mentaiko caviar in egg drop broth); hot and sour udon with beef, eggplant and mushrooms, and the TsuruTonTan Creme Deluxe, which has shirmp, salmon, chicken and mentaiko. 

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Besides the udon, there are other new adds to happy hour. Here are some of the highlights. Spoiler alert: More uni coming. 

Agedashi tofu
Agedashi tofu, $5

If you want something a little lighter but still tasty, get the fried agedashi tofu (regular price $7) bathed in a housemade dashi sauce. 

Hamachi Kama
Hamachi kama, $13

The Hamachi kama is one of my new happy hour faves and one of the best deals on the menu. Look at the size of the yellowtail collar! Order this ASAP, since orders are limited. 

Uni sashimi
Uni sashimi, $18

The $18 uni sashimi is one of the priciest dishes at happy hour, but still a must for uni lovers. This small plate comes with five lobes.

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Chicken wings
Jidori chicken wings ($9) with yuzu sansho and lemon

Chicken wings are a happy hour staple; these have a nice, crispy skin (regular price $11). They’re especially addictive with the sharp yuzu pepper. 

Musubi are $3 each; choose from Spam, konbu or ume

The Spam, konbu and ume are tiny compared to the amount of rice. Still, the musubi are a fun option. 

Despite the shorter hours, TsuruTonTan’s happy hour is still one of the best deals around. Deciding what to order just got harder for me, though, thanks to all these bowls of udon. 

Royal Hawaiian Center
2201 Kalakaua Ave.
Daily udon happy hour 2:30-5:30 p.m.
Parking: 2 hours free validated in the Royal Hawaiian Center garage