Flour + Butter Bakery in Kakaako features seasonal cupcake flavors with edible decorations. 

Photo By Flour + Butter Bakery

Top trending holiday desserts on Hawaii Instagram

Craving something sweet? Just scroll through your social feeds
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The holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in sweets, so we did a quick search to see what local #holidaydesserts are trending on Instagram. We found a mouthwatering smorgasbord of gingerbread, yule logs, holiday-themed cupcakes (especially Santa and reindeer), and peppermint bark, cookies, brownies, blondies, cakes ... everything. Then we browsed the feeds of local bakeries for their top #holidaydesserts.

Here are the results, ranked in descending order of 'likes.' Some of these are available for pre-order only, so just make sure you read the fine print.  

1. The Sugar Hut: Sugar cookie cupcake, $3.75


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Details: Treats from this Waianae bakery are worth the drive. This sugar cookie cupcake ($3.75) is this season's hottest item — an almond-flavored cake with vanilla frosting and a huge ball of sugar cookie dough on top. Walk-in orders are welcome, but just call The Sugar Hut to make sure it's in stock. They're available every day until Christmas.
Other seasonal treats: Almond mocha, peppermint mocha, maple bacon and gingerbread macarons ($2 each); Christmas-themed truffles ($1.50); peppermint mocha cupcake (chocolate cake, peppermint mocha frosting, candy cane topping) and gingerbread cookie butter cupcake (gingerbread cake, cookie butter frosting dipped in gingersnaps, gingerbread man cookie on top).

2. Kulu Kulu Cake: Christmas tree matcha soft serve, $5.95

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Details: Kawaii! I bet your Christmas tree has never looked so festive … or tasted so good. Kulu Kulu’s regular soft-serve flavor is delicious by itself, but this matcha flavor is only around for the holidays.
Other seasonal treats: Raspberry wreath ($3.95), peppermint chocolate cake ($4.50), Santa strawberry cheesecake ($5.25) and more.

3. Flour + Butter Bakery: Christmas-decorated cupcakes, $3.95 each


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Details: Going to a party? There are seasonal cupcake flavors you can choose from, or take your pick from seasonal versions of this Kakaako bakery’s regular flavors. Seasonal flavors include gingerbread and apple pie ($3.95 each), the latter with fresh apple inside the cupcake. Red velvet cupcakes come topped with a sugar cane macaron for a festive touch. Assorted cupcake dozens cost $48-49, depending on the flavors.
Other seasonal holiday treats: Red-and-green colored cream puffs ($3.75)

4. Leonard's Bakery: Gingerbread malasada puffs, $1.60 each 

IG Likes: 385

Details: The OG malasada shop is featuring a gingerbread flavor for the month of December, but these puffs are only available while supplies last (yup, they've been a hot seller). The malasada puff itself is the original flavor, but features a gingerbread custard filling. 

5. Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery: Peppermint cake bombs

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Details: If you want something minty, one of Pipeline Bakeshop's cake bombs should do the trick. They feature a moist chocolate cake bottom and peppermint glaze with crushed candy cane bits on top.  

Other seasonal holiday treats: Peppermint Wonderland ice cream

6. The Pig and the Lady: Assorted holiday cookies, $33.50

- Photo courtesy The Pig and The Lady

IG Likes: 302

Details: I’m a self-proclaimed cookie monster, so this basket immediately got my attention as soon as I saw it. I love the chocolate crinkle cookies from The Pig and The Lady, but this basket includes a delicious assortment of cranberry walnut snowballs, gingerbread snowflakes and cornflake arare snickerdoodles. They’re available for pre-order only, along with Pig and the Lady's other holiday specials. 

Other seasonal holiday treats: Piggy Poop ($15) — it may not sound or look enticing, but this salty-sweet mixture is downright addictive — and gingerbread birch log cake ($25). 

7. Liliha Bakery: Gingerbread cookies, $3.45


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Details: These holiday treats get a local makeover at Liliha Bakery, but don’t wait til the end of the day to get your hands on one. In fact, you might want to call to see if the cookies are in stock before you make a special trip down there for gingerbread. The cashier says these crunchy gingerbread are super popular, and I can see why. I’m in love with the Hawaii-esque twist before I even take my first bite. 

Other seasonal holiday treats: decorated butter, rainbow and dobash cakes ($22.50); Santa cake ($23.95); Snowman cake ($23.95); Stollen bread ($9.85); and more. 

8. Kona Coffee Purveyors/b. Patisserie: Bouche de Noel, $6.50 each

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Details: For the first time, Kona Coffee Purveyors/b. Patisserie is selling bouche de noel for the holidays. But they’ve stepped up the yule log cake game with four different flavors — red velvet, carrot cake, Oreo and strawberry shortcake. It certainly makes it hard just to choose one … you might end up like me and getting all four.