Tanaka Saimin's tempura ice cream is bomboocha big

Fo' real, like softball size. Which is one good ting
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Da world can be divided into two kine peoples. Those who prefer vanilla ice cream and those who prefer chocolate. I remembah small kid time, whenever we had family parties, Grandma would get upset if she had for spend extra for buy more than one carton of ice cream. So for try and compromise she always bought one carton of Neapolitan in one attempt to please all of us finicky grandchildrens. But wuz funny cuz none of us ended up eating da Neapolitan as it wuz intended, in all its tricolor glory. Each faction stuck to their side. Da chocolate keiki ate from da chocolate side. Da vanilla keiki from da vanilla. And our poor Grandma always got stuck eating all da strawberry. 

Part of me wonders if dis flavor divide is da reason why Tanaka Saimin offers two kines of Tempura Ice Cream now ($6.95 each). On top their menu they get da regular one, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, which da waitress told me dey fry in da same tempura batter that dey use for their shrimp tempura. An'den dey top 'em in cinnamon sugar and honey. And now, besides da original, on top da board with their specials dey list their newer flavor, chocolate. It's pretty much da same, but instead of honey, dey drizzle 'em in chocolate syrup. I asked what days do they have da chocolate since it wuz one special.  Da waitress said it's pretty popular so they just keep it on da board every day. Lol.

Though da menu doesn't emphasize da size of da dessert, da waitress wuz, uh, "kind" enough to hype it up to our childrens. She kept saying it wuz about da size of one softball. In my mind I questioned her description. I figured maybe she dunno sports. Surely she must be mixing up her balls. I wuz certain she really meant baseball or more likely tennis ball. Ping pong ball perhaps? 

But ho, I got one big facial disgracial when our desserts arrived. OMG. Da tings REALLY WUZ da size of softballs! So I tink so da "scoop" of ice cream wuz actually more like three scoops all squished together or possibly even more. I tink one of these desserts could've satisfied a family of four. I asked da waitress if she had ever seen any ONE person actually finish this after eating a complete meal. And she assured me she seen quite a few people do it. She said even get this one guy who eats and then he orders TWO for dessert. I tinking maybe he couldnʻt decide between vanilla and chocolate. Tanaka's should make Neapolitan next so da guy can share with his Grandma.

Our childrens proclaimed Tanaka Saimin's Tempura Ice Cream to be "the best dessert everrrrrrrrr!" And while $6.95 might seem pricey, keep in mind that one single dessert might be enough for your entire ohana. Our kids enjoyed it so much dey said dey wished dey could go to Tanaka Saimin every day. In front da waitress dey asked, "When are we coming back?" I had to explain to them how we live kinda far away. Dey smiled at da waitress, then dey said to me, "We should just move closer then." I think this wuz da waitress' plan all along!


Tanaka Saimin

888 N. Nimitz Hwy #103