Single foodie on Valentine’s: His plan

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img_2672-copy3By Dave Newman

Dave Thor Newman is the owner and operator of award-winning gastropub Pint and Jigger and soon-to-open speakeasy Harry’s Hardware Emporium. He’s also a leader on Honolulu’s cocktail scene and one of its most noted mixologists.

Plan A: If you meet someone

If you meet someone, nothing is as romantic as a picnic in a beautiful place. It shows that you put some thought into the day and with all the great food and wine options out there, you can’t really go wrong. My idea of romantic? Going to China Walls at Portlock with a picnic basket and walking up a bit towards the point.

A few disclaimers here. I would never, ever, ever suggest drinking premium grower Champagne or Rose on a public beach … just saying. Also please check tides and surf conditions. People regularly get swept off the cliff edge.

I would grab some local produce at one of our amazing farmers markets — strawberries and mango if in season — along with lilikoi butter. Get some bread from Chris Sy’s new Breadshop. Then hit up R Fields in Foodland Farms. They have an amazing selection of deli meats including iberico ham and prosciutto, great cheeses and killer poke. Staff is knowledgeable if you have a hard time choosing. Bring a blanket to spread on the ground and enjoy one of the all-time best places to watch the sunset.


Plan B: If you don’t

If you are not going to share the day with someone, do something local and amazing that you might never otherwise do. Get some friends, hit up Blue Hawaiian Helicopters (ask for Julie) and take the ride of a lifetime.

Afterward, head to a great watering hole like Tchin Tchin, Bevy or Village Bottle Shop and enjoy the great libations and good company. I’ve been bartending for longer than I care to admit and I can’t tell you how many relationships I’ve seen start on Valentine’s Day. It’s an amazing day to meet someone new. Maybe I will see you at Tchin Tchin tonight!

Here’s a view from the other side: Single foodie on Valentine’s Day: Her plan

– Photo by Rae Huo