Pamper yourself at McCully Shopping Center: Part 2

Get set for summer with waxing, premium dry cleaning and red light therapy
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Whether you need to get a fresh wax, reduce wrinkles or drop off some dry cleaning for that upcoming grad party, McCully Shopping Center has what you need to get summer-ready.

Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy table
Red light therapy reduces inflammation, acne, wrinkles and body pains, while improving sleep quality, skin elasticity and more.

Its Kailua location has been around for three years, but the new Red Light Therapy at McCully Shopping Center is twice the size and offers additional services like massages, cupping and tanning. 

Red light therapy is a safe, healing ray of light that's been likened to the red part of the rainbow and is not to be confused with infrared light. Owner Alysin Hauptner explains that red light reduces inflammation while reversing signs of aging, and also:

  • Balances blood sugar levels to help with diabetes. Most people don’t realize how much sugar they consume. RLT allows the body to absorb more vitamins. 
  • Helps the body heal. The human body knows how to heal, Hauptner says; RLT increases cells to stimulate healing. It reduces body aches and pains and repairs nerve damage and arthritis.
  • Reduces inflammation and increases blood circulation, which also balances blood abnormalities. 
  • Helps wrinkles go away in a natural and healthy way by increasing collagen production and the skin’s elasticity (reducing stretch marks, etc.).
  • Reduces toxins and kills acne bacteria to prevent future breakouts. 

Fun fact: Because RLT stimulates healing, individuals can experience a deeper level of sleep. 

If you want to find out more about RLT — or book your first appointment — Red Light Therapy is offering your first 20-minute session for free. To schedule a free appointment, call 260-9795. For more information or to book appointments, visit Red Light Therapy's website.



Hakuyosha shirt rack
At Hakuyosha, you’re guaranteed to get your dry cleaning back in four days.

When it comes to premium dry cleaning, Hakuyosha is the go-to spot for all your needs. We’re not just talking about everyday dry cleaning — Hakuyosha specializes in taking care of fancy, delicate and expensive items, with specific attention to detail. Customers drop off everything from prom dresses and evening wear to basic business attire like shirts, pants, blouses and dresses. 

The turnaround time is only four days, and you're guaranteed consistency and top-notch service with every visit. 

Hakuyosha can also clean your blankets, comforters, sheets, pillows and pillow cases. Simply bring these in and Hakuyosha will package them upon return as if they were brand new. 

The Waxing Co.  


Waxing Company waxing
The Waxing Co. is especially known for eyebrow design and threading.

Brows, full body and Brazilian waxing — The Waxing Co. does it all. The company offers services for both men and women. Brow design and threading are both popular, but bikini and Brazilian waxing are available as well — just in time for summer. If you're for a combination of services like full Brazilian, brow and lip, for example, package deals are available.

The Waxing Co. now offers anti-aging and anti-pigmentation products from OC Facial Care Center, owned by Kate Hudson, including the popular Ultra Hydrating Serum and Enriched Retinol Eye Cream. The hydrating serum contains lots of antioxidants to reduce aging while providing all-day moisture retention, while the eye cream helps delicate skin around the eyes stay hydrated. 

These OC Facial Care Center products are usually only found in California or in doctors' offices, but The Waxing Co. is proud to carry these exclusive, highly sought-after items to help their customers improve the health and quality of their skin.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit The Waxing Company’s website.

McCully Shopping Center
1960 Kapiolani Blvd.