Packing light like a pro

Happy 50th, Singapore! This year marks the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence, when it was ejected from the Federation of Malaysia amidst social unrest. I’d say it’s done quite well for itself; in these five decades, the former British colony has transformed itself into one of the wealthiest countries in the world, not to mention one of the cleanest and safest, with some of the best food.

This Sunday, I’m headed to Singapore with several friends to celebrate (the actual festivities were held earlier this year, but what the heck). It’s my third time to the island nation, but the first for everyone else, and I’ll get to see my cousin (former Kailua resident) Celia Chu Lines, who now lives there. Be watching for posts from meDoug Mashino, Edwina Minglana, Sean and Lena Morris, Nadine Kam, and Catherine Toth Fox — I’ll be using the hashtags #AlohaSingapore, #Singapore and #SG50.

We’ll be visiting the botanical gardens, Sentosa Island, Little India, and the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel — where we’ll take in the breathtaking view of the city from the infinity pool on the top floor. Watch us get a fish pedicure. See my friends try durian for the first time. Check out the Singaporean chili crab that I love, and see if I can find any Nonya food while I’m there. I’ll be hooking up with Singporean bloggers Singaporean Eats and Jamshed Wadia, and possibly a couple of chefs there. If you have any specific recommendations on places to eat, let’s hear it in the comments below!

But first, we need to pack. And I am a notorious overpacker. We started getting worried when we saw that the airlines have a strict seven-kilogram limit on carryon baggage to Singapore (about 15 pounds). I can’t even pack that for an overnight trip … my makeup bag alone weighs five pounds. But Cat has been able to fit everything she needs into one backpack for an entire week, so I nagged her to give me some advice on how to get my luggage to a minimum for this next adventure. I still won’t be able to survive on just a carryon, but I’ll definitely have enough room in my suitcase for lots of shopping this time.

Did Cat make the 15-pound limit? Click the video to find out!

Some quick tips:

  • Roll your clothes into tight rolls, instead of folding. This saves space and minimizes wrinkles.
  • Scarves help change the look of an outfit.
  • Wear as much as you can on the plane so it doesn’t count toward luggage weight.
  • Use sample sizes for cosmetics.
  • Forget heels! Wear flats or slippers that can go from day to night.

This should be a fun trip. Follow me on social media @Melissa808, lah!

Check out Cat’s blog today as we prep for our next vacation.