Our Top 5: Sushi

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By Alysha Komenaka
Special to Nonstop

Sushi is one of those staple foods in Hawaii I could eat practically every day. While growing up, my favorite sushi was unagi, and my father used to take me to The Pagoda’s sushi bar for “teriyaki fish” slapped on rice. Now decades later, and after living in San Francisco for nine years and traveling to many countries, my palate has definitely become more refined and I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy all types of fish, even the exotic.

When critiquing sushi, I primarily consider freshness. The fish should melt in your mouth and not be chewy. For nigiri, I prefer larger cuts with a small amount of rice, so I can eat more. The rice should also be the right consistency. Crispy nori is also a must. If there is some kind of sauce, wasabi, or garnish on the sushi, it should not overpower the fish, but rather complement it. I also appreciate it when sushi chefs tell me where their fish is from is from.

So with that being said, here are my top 5 recommendations for places to go for sushi in Honolulu, and what to order.

No. 5: Sushi ii

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Located in Samsung Plaza, Sushi ii is a gem, offering a variety of fish, including sanma or Pacific saury. The sushi chef explained that sanma is available only one month out of the year, usually in September, and they have it here!

Sushi ii
655 Keeaumoku St.

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