Photo courtesy of Alejandro's Mexican Food

Ordering in? Here's Bite Squad's top 10 Oahu dishes

From Kapolei to Kailua, here's what we've been ordering on our phones and tablets
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Teddy's Big Burger

The latest trend to hit Oahu restaurants isn't a cuisine or ingredient: It's delivery. Bite Squad rolled in first and bought Room Service In Paradise and Aloha 2 Go, which each delivered from 100-plus restaurants; now Bite Squad's list tops 300 eateries. Uber Eats is next with 80 restaurants, and Grubhub, the largest delivery service in the country, is set to launch in Honolulu soon.

What does that mean? It means from town to Kapolei to the Windward side, we've been ordering everything from Chef Chai to Zippy's, Doraku to Kickin Kajun. And lots of California Pizza Kitchen.

Here's a dish-by-dish look at Oahu's top 10 Bite Squad orders.

No. 1: BBQ Chicken Salad
California Pizza Kitchen, Yard House
La Tour Cafe's Crispy Chicken Sandwich


No. 2: Big Burger (⅓ pound) 
Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
No. 3: Garlic Cream Fettuccine
California Pizza Kitchen
No. 4: Tacos
Taco Del Mar, Alejandro's Mexican Food, Maui Tacos
No. 5: Crispy Chicken Sandwich
La Tour Cafe, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
No. 6: Chang’s Lettuce Wraps
Pad Thai from Ono Thai
P.F. Chang’s
No. 7: Kakaako Kobb Salad
Kakaako Kitchen
No. 8: BBQ Chicken Pizza 
Boston’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen
No. 9: Pad Thai
Thai Issan Cuisine, Saeng's Thai Cuisine. Ono Thai
No. 10: Yellow Curry
Phuket Thai, Ono Thai