Office snacks: Is your workplace making you fat?

ALTRES Staffing gives the 9-to-5 work force options to stay healthy
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You've probably heard of the “freshmen 15,” but as an adult, you may be more familiar with the “office 15." It strikes those of us with sedentary jobs. It's all too easy to develop habits that are a disaster for your waistline and overall health.

Who can resist a warm malasada or two at the office potluck or going-away breakfast? But when there are malasadas, cookies or other treats every day and every week, it can be a problem.

Workplace customs that can contribute to weight gain include

  • Endless potlucks and parties 
  • Unhealthy snacks in the breakroom or at meetings
  • Eating out every day 
  • Mindless snacking or stress eating (while sitting all day)
  • Unhealthy vending machine drinks and snacks
  • Pau hana food and drinks

Many workplaces have started offering wellness programs as a way to help employees feel good and stay healthy.

At ALTRES Staffing, wellness is part of the culture, thanks to an employee-led initiative that arose in 2014. The company now has healthy meals delivered weekly, a vending machine stocked with healthy options, and gym membership discounts as part of the standard benefits package.

The most popular wellness perk with many ALTRES Honolulu office employees is the company gym where employees can work out before, during or after work. An on-site corporate trainer offers personal and group fitness classes and nutrition education. 

"I've lost more than 25 pounds since I started working out and no longer have to take blood pressure medicine," says sales consultant Megumi Iwashita. "I feel more energetic and am stronger and more flexible."

Even if your workplace doesn’t offer a formal program, there are immediate steps you can take to improve overall wellness.

  • Schedule walking meetings 
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Bring healthier options to potlucks like brown rice or salad
  • Keep your desk well stocked with healthy snacks
  • Bring your own lunch from home
  • Join with coworkers to share healthy meals or get in extra steps or exercise during your breaks

ALTRES values employee health and wellness. For more information about the company and its various locations, visit

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