Manago Hotel's famous pork chops get one secret condiment

What makes dis bettah than a fancy-kine $39 chop
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I had heard about Manago Hotel's pork chops. But I wuz kinda doubting. I normally no even boddah chancing da pork chops when I go restaurant cuz typically da ting comes out either dry or really dry.

But since our Kona friends wuz getting us takeout from Manago, I figured I should partake. Aftah all, I found out da place even has shirts that say "Manago Hotel 'Best Pork Chops.'" I'm always a sucker for da hype.

If you eat inside Manago Hotel, da plating supposed to be super fancy. Dey put all da sides in separate dishes. So it's like plate lunch food with some pretty high-class presentation. But den, since we wuz getting takeout, even our Kona friends wuz unsure how our food wuz going look, cuz dey always just eat their food dea.

When dey brought da food to da hotel we wuz staying at, we found that da food came in nondescript white cardboard plate lunch boxes. I loved that it looked old skool. When I opened da box labeled pork chop, I cracked up cuz everything wuz separated just like how dey do in da restaurant. Somebody in da kitchen must really not want their food to touch. I was impressed at how artsy it looked, but da Kona peeps wuz little disappointed cuz dey said when you dine in dey give bigger portions. I suppose da restaurant wuz limited to howevah much food they could fit in da box. In which case, maybe I would've preferred to let da food touch then if it meant getting more pork chop.

My plate lunch came with two smaller-sized chops, two scoops rice, one container mixed vegetables, one container green beans, and one container mac salad. I tried da chops and was pretty tender. But I told our friends, "I dunno if I would call it da Best Pork Chop I eva ate. Maybe da best ... in Kona."

Dey just looked at me and shook their heads. "You wen put your shoyu?"

I had completely forgotten da ting even came with condiments. Came with ketchup and shoyu. I no put ketchup on my pork chops and I nevah stop for tink what da heck da shoyu wuz dea for. I just put that off to da side as well.

Following their Kona insider advice, I added da shoyu and watched as it mixed with da juices from da pork chop. I guess it makes sense, right, cuz da hotel is Japanese so you should use shoyu, no?

I stopped trying for figgah out da logic of it all once I tasted it. It just tasted simply unbelievable. I nevah dreamed pork chops could even taste that good.

Da previous night we had eaten at once fancy hotel restaurant where dey had one super-fancy big bone pork chop. I dunno why I ordered it. I didn't follow my rule of pork chop avoidance. Dat one was all right, but not worth $39. For like way less, this Manago one put da expensive resort one to shame, brah.

Aftah finishing my meal I wuz left to wonder now. Da Manago cook did include shoyu AND ketchup. Maybe would've tasted even bettah if I added da ketchup too. Or is that weird? Cuz I used to tink shoyu on pork chops wuz weird.

I no can wait for go back again. You can find da Manago Hotel shirts for sale next door at Kona Chips. For greater clarity, cuz not everybody get Kona connections, maybe da next time dey print their shirts dey should state, "Best Pork Chops — Shoyu All Ova!'"

Manago Hotel Restaurant

82-6155 Mamalahoa Hwy
Captain Cook, HI

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