At last, the winner of the Honolulu PokeFest fan favorite voting contest

We know, it's been a while ... here's the one poke you voted king of all pokes
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Remember Frolic’s Honolulu PokeFest? The four-hour smorgasbord that brought the 14 of your favorite poke makers across Oahu together at Ala Moana Center in late September?

It was a blowout success, thanks to the rabid appetites of Hawaii poke fans. Several thousand of you turned out to feast on dozens of varieties, including all-new pokes created specially for the occasion.

Those who voted for your favorite went pretty wild. We got lots of responses to our online contest asking which was your favorite poke of the day. Some responses were all over the place, including “All of them!” Many named specific shops without naming specific pokes. Maybe next time we’ll try listing all the choices.            

So we tallied qualifying votes, designed an award and found a frame. And the winner is …

King crab poke

Tamashiro Market’s king crab poke

Guy Tamashiro and Cente Arkangel of Tamashiro Market

Congratulations, Tamashiro’s! Here are Guy Tamashiro and Cente Arkangel of the Kalihi institution. Their winning recipe pairs real king crab with lots of nori strips in a very light mayo sauce. We have to admit, the firm chunks and combo of sweet crab with briny-salty seaweed make this highly addicting.

Thanks to all who voted and we’ll see you at next year’s Honolulu PokeFest!