KaSnack attack! What if one manapua and one sushi had one baby?

7-Eleven's Teriyaki Char Siu Musubi Roll answers that question
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People tease me cuz I eat rice with anykine. Pizza and rice. Manapua and rice. I get hard time coming full if no more rice das why. So I wuz kinda tripping when I saw this Teriyaki Char Siu Musubi Roll at 7-Eleven. It's like manapua without da bread. And this doesn't double up on da carbs so it's kinda like one socially acceptable way of eating manapua and rice. Lol.




Every single ting you need fo' know

I thought wuz odd that it's labeled as Teriyaki Char Siu Musubi Roll. To me das doubly confusing. To me, teriyaki and char siu is two different flavors. And to me, musubi and roll is two different shapes. I would consider anything triangular-ish or rectangular-ish for be musubi. But when we talking cylinders, das one roll, no?

I no could detect no teriyaki taste in this. I think this pretty much looks and tastes exactly like regular char siu manapua filling. I would've just called this one Char Siu Sushi Roll.




Da verdict

I liked this. I knew I would. Da only way this could've been better wuz if this roll wuz encased inside of one manapua bread. Hahahahaha. #nomonomoono


7-Eleven Hawaii, various locations