7-Eleven's Craft Fish Patty Musubi features a fish patty with a teriyaki glaze on a rice block and furikake with nori

KaSnack attack! There's something fishy about 7-Eleven's new craft musubi

Yes, we said 'craft musubi'
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Without its wrapper, 7-Eleven’s new Craft Fish Patty Musubi looks like a musubi with the most generous block of Spam that has ever graced a bed of rice. But instead of pork, this thick slab is primarily made with albacore tuna. It's seasoned with a teriyaki glaze, popped atop a rice block sprinkled with furikake and wrapped with a strip of nori seaweed.

Thick fish patty

Every single thing you need to know

The folks at 7-Eleven Hawaii tell me the patty is specially made for this item. Besides the tuna, the only other ingredient that comes from the sea is bonito. It’s also made using onion, mayonnaise, lemon juice, garlic and eggs, just to name a few things. While 7-Eleven hasn’t done this fish patty before, it tastes like something I’ve had before.

7-Eleven Craft Fish Patty Musubi Closeup

From the first bite, all I could think about was the tuna and tofu patties my parents made for dinner when I was a child that probably came from a Hongwanji cookbook. With both this craft fish patty and my parents’ attempts to get me to eat fish, the fishy flavor stands out, which makes sense since both are mostly made with tuna. But with both recipes, perhaps there's too much of it. 

Or should I say, tuna much of it. 


The teriyaki glaze, which should enhance the musubi, isn’t noticeable with most bites. But even when my taste buds detect it, I feel it needs more of it or something else to help with the musubi’s flavor. Most of the other ingredients I listed before do somewhat come into play, but again, all I could really experience was the tuna.


7-Eleven’s Craft Fish Patty Musubi is perfectly fine if you want something different than the usual Spam musubi. But it tastes as if it’s missing something.

DISCLOSURE: I received free samples of the musubi from 7-Eleven Hawaii. Receiving the samples did not influence my review in any way.