McDonald's Pineapple Pie features pineapple chunks and a sweet jelly in a crispy golden brown crust

KaSnack attack! McDonald's pineapple pie

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When it comes to McDonald’s pies in Hawaii, we’re doubly fortunate.

Our state is one of the few places in the country that still offers McDonald’s fried pies. Most regions have to stuff their pieholes with soft-baked versions. Hawaii is also the only state that has McDonald’s taro and haupia pies. 

Both varieties have been around for years, showing up for a limited time as seasonal treats. But, this year, we’ve seen McDonald’s Hawaii expand its local dessert offerings with a guava variety and the new pineapple pie.

Every single thing you need to know

McDonald's Pineapple Pie Crust

While the haupia and taro ones have gelatinous cubes floating in them and the guava one’s filling is like a thick guava nectar, the pineapple pie contains quarter-inch pineapple chunks floating in a sweet jelly. Its shell is the same as all the others, a golden brown bubbly skin that has a satisfying crunch and leaves an unsatisfying wake of crumbs with every bite. 

McDonald's Pineapple Pie Innards

Even though there’s actual pineapple, the filling inside the crispy casket doesn’t have a strong fruity flavor, but it does taste natural. The chunks are soft, but it seems as if the jelly, which doesn’t taste like pineapple, dampens the fruit’s flavor and juiciness. While it doesn’t explode with flavor, it has enough, and I found myself enjoying almost every bite.

McDonald's Pineapple Pie Fruit

I wrote "almost" because the two I purchased, each from a different McDonald's restaurant, had an uneven distribution of pineapple chunks. Most of them ended up in one half of the pie, while the other half had one lonely chunk swimming in a pool of jelly. This, obviously, led to a few fruit-less bites.

The verdict

That issue aside, McDonald’s pineapple pie is a fine addition to our local lineup of fried pies and, like haupia and taro, I hope it comes back on a regular basis. Now with guava and pineapple out of the way, perhaps we’ll see a lilikoi one soon?