KaSnack attack! Lychee Slurpee?!

Is 7-Eleven's new Slurpee your year-round frozen lychee fix?
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7-Eleven has a lychee-flavored Slurpee that made me think of my dad. When I wuz growing up, me and my faddah would always pick lychee during da summer time, cuz our tree only give fruit once a year. My faddah's dream wuz for have one year-round supply of lychee. He would try putting some in da freezer, but his cryogenic experimentations always failed to yield optimal results. Da taste and texture came all junk. My faddah never figured out how for turn lychee into da frozen forever fruit.




Every single ting you need fo' know

Harders Hawaii makes da Lychee Slurpee flavor for 7-Eleven Hawaii. They da same guys responsible for da Li Hing flavor Slurpee too. I wanted for get to da bottom of how they made this thing and since Hawaii so small, I asked around and turns out I knew one guy who knew da guy, brah. Kevin Tsunoda da general manager at Harders Hawaii said, "We cannot say too much about our recipe, but we are proud to say that Harders Hawaii uses only premium ingredients and only 100 percent natural cane sugar in our products including in our Slurpee flavors."

At least he revealed what kinda sweetener they use. Lol. But I wuz curious about da snow white color of da Lychee Slurpee. So I asked Kevin is das all for fake and he said. "As for the white color, that is only due to the natural whipping process that goes on in the Slurpee machine. The actual mix is a clear lychee syrup before it gets whipped up."

An'den da question that everybody like know: Is any real lychee used for make this Lychee Slurpee? Surprisingly Kevin shared this, "We are not able to use fruit purees in any Slurpee mixes because the pulp tends to clog the Slurpee machine lines and is really difficult to maintain. We had to learn the hard way when we introduced the Li Hing Slurpee because it contained actual li hing powder in every batch. In order for us to get that true lychee flavor we had to search for a natural flavor that best replicated the flavor profile of real lychee fruit."

Ho, what is this mysterious natural ting that tastes like lychee? Even more now I like know da secret formula!!



Da verdict

I loved it! I suspected it wuzn't made from fresh from da tree kine lychee and I confirmed that. But I still thought it wuz very enjoyable and it did taste amazingly like lychee. While my faddah probably wouldn't have tried this cuz of all da sugar, it does kinda achieve his goal. 

How do lychee lovers get through da lean months of fall, winter and spring when lychee's not in season? Whereas before time da answer wuz SUFFAH! Now we get one bettah answer, 7-Eleven's Lychee Slurpee, brah.