7-Eleven Li Hing Mui Slurpee

7-Eleven Hawaii's Li Hing Mui Slurpee is made with syrup from Harders Hawaii and is sweetened with natural cane sugar.

KaSnack attack! How puckery is the new li hing mui Slurpee?

Why is it pink? And does it taste like li hing mui?
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7-Eleven Hawaii gave us a li hing mui Spam musubi before coming out with a product that actually makes sense, the new Li Hing Mui Slurpee. (Please bring back that Spam musubi, 7-Eleven Hawaii. It was odd, but good. I ate three.) The local flavor is thanks in part to the crack seed-flavored syrup from Harders Hawaii that’s sweetened with natural cane sugar.

Every single thing you need to know

7-Eleven Li Hing Mui Slurpee in store

Before you run out the door to meet your destiny with Brain Freeze, you should know it’s not available at every location. I went to two 7-Eleven stores before finding it at the one at Piikoi and King. Wherever you find it, the cost ranges from $1 for a small to $1.88 for extra large.

7-Eleven Li Hing Mui Slurpee scooped out

Its pink color threw me for a loop. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought of li hing mui as deep or bright red. This Slurpee looks more like pink lemonade, cotton candy or SPAM straight out of the can. When it melts, it looks more like what I expect. Regardless, it would’ve been neat if it came with dark specks of wet li hing mui powder or a small seasoning packet so we could add it ourselves.

The sour and sweet plum flavor is definitely there, but it’s not quite the sour and sweet plum flavor that my taste buds associate with li hing mui. They get more of an ume candy vibe. Also, at times, it reminds me of sour watermelon candy. Despite all of that, it’s still crazy tasty and I found myself sucking it up at a pace that led to the predictable Brain Freeze. The cane sugar gives it a smoother finish and doesn’t leave a coating in my mouth like high fructose corn syrup does.


7-Eleven Li Hing Mui Slurpee slurped up

Even though Li Hing Mui Slurpee is not what I expected in flavor and color, it’s worth a Slurpee hunt. It’s also got me excited about what other flavors could follow. Li hing mui mango? Li hing mui pineapple? Li hing mui Spam musubi? 

Just kidding. 

But, seriously, bring back the li hing mui Spam musubi, 7-Eleven Hawaii.