Diamond Bakery Dunkin' Donuts Boston Kreme Pineapple Macadamia Nut Shortbread Cookie

Dunkin' collaborates with Hawaii's own Diamond Bakery for make this special donut.

KaSnack attack! Diamond Bakery x Dunkin's collab donut

Is this pineapple macadamia nut crumble donut any good?
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I love it when local companies team up with Mainland companies for create new hybrid products. This collab between Dunkin' and Diamond Bakery stay getting lotta publicity lately and like many people, I kinda curious too.

Every single ting you need fo' know

So I went to Dunkin' and da poster in da window hypes it up as being one combination of Dunkin's Boston Kreme donut and Diamond Bakery's pineapple macadamia nut shortbread cookie. I wondered if this ting wuz only in Hawaii or if Diamond Bakery scored one major deal and got some massive Mainland exposure. 

I did some digging and turns out this bad boy's one Hawaii exclusive and it's only available until Oct. 31. If das da case, then my tinkings is that Dunkin' got da better end of this deal cuz they get da benefit of da positive rub from da local company as it helps them for build up their local street cred. But I guess Diamond Bakery benefits a little by getting more local people exposed to their cookie line. Probably some local people still tink they only make soda crackers.

So I ordered my donut and I took some time to study it. It wuz pretty much what it wuz hyped up to be which I tink might be one bad ting, at least visually. It pretty much looked like Dunkin' crumbled some Diamond Bakery cookies and just sprinkled 'em on top their donut. 

While it didn't seem to be too inspired-looking on da outside, I still hoped that maybe da inside might be more jazzy or something. Like maybe they had mixed some pineapple with their Boston Kreme filling, but nope. It wuz pretty much da same filling.

I don't know if there's one nicer way of putting this, but this donut just seems kinda lazy. I really gotta wonder how many seconds of thought they put into making this.

No get me wrong now, I love da idea of this team-up. Too bad da donut itself wuz kinda lacking in execution.

Da verdict

At only $1.39 it's kinda reasonable so I nevah feel like I wasted my money. Wuz worth trying once. 

Da bestest ting about this collab is though it wuz uninspired, it did manage for inspire me! I like try make my own anykine too now. I started for get all kine fancy DIY collaboration ideas coming to my head. Cuz after all, I know how for crumble up some cookies too! Lol. 

Check out what I going make. Kauai Kookie + Cinnabon = #nomonomoono


Various locations on Oahu until Oct. 31