7-Eleven Miso Salmon Furikake Kombu Roll

7-Eleven's Miso Salmon Furikake Kombu Roll features rice, miso flavored salmon, seasoned kombu, and furikake wrapped in a sheet of nori

KaSnack attack! 7-Eleven's new miso salmon furikake roll

Is this craft sushi roll worth the hefty price?
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Paying $3.19 for 7-Eleven’s Miso Salmon & Furikake Kombu Musubi Roll may make you scoff because that price is closer to 7-Eleven’s cheapest bento than its most inexpensive musubi.

But it’s also intriguing because the combination sounds like a musubi you wouldn’t think to find at a convenience store, but instead at one of the musubi specialty shops around town.

7-Eleven Miso Salmon Furikake Kombu Roll Side

Every single thing you need to know

The MiSaFuKo Roll, which is what I want to call it because I don’t want to keep typing its entire name out (and it’s a much cooler name, admit it), features rice, miso flavored salmon, seasoned kombu (kelp) and furikake wrapped in a sheet of nori. 

It’s another one of 7-Eleven’s “craft” musubis, so it’s a premium product with a premium price. Previous ones under the “craft” label include Spam musubis with hickory-smoked bacon and egg and one with a layer of kalua pork. But this one is more complex and gourmet than slapping other stuff on a regular Spam musubi.

There are dime-sized chunks of salmon throughout the roll and I’m surprised they weren’t dried out after spending time in the microwave. The label warns that there might be small bones in the salmon, but I experienced none. Or, maybe, they were so small I didn’t even notice. 

The miso flavoring is just right. It's bold but allows the salmon to come through and doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. The miso, along with the sweet shoyu-based seasoning used with the kombu, gives the roll a savory and mild sweet flavor. The kombu itself has a slight chew and the sesame seeds in the furikake add an occasional crunch.

7-Eleven Miso Salmon Furikake Kombu Roll Split

The verdict

As I ate through the MiSaFuKo Roll, I couldn’t help but think this is one of the most enjoyable musubis I’ve had from the convenience store. But it’s also the most expensive musubi I’ve ever purchased from a convenience store.

While it’s easy to scoff at the Miso Salmon & Furikake Kombu Musubi Roll’s price, its flavor makes me want to scoff it down.