7-Eleven's all-new arabiki sausage & egg jumbo musubi

KaSnack attack! 7-Eleven's humangous arabiki sausage musubi

True story of da 4-inch arabiki
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Usually when I tink of one arabiki sausage I tink of those tiny little Redondo's Japanese-style sausages das made from pork and kinda smokey. Da casing get one real snap to 'em. I like da taste of da arabiki sausage, but I no buy 'em from da market, cuz I no really like that much snap in my sausage. Lotta people like snap, but not me. It would probably go over really well in Chicago.

For this new musubi, 7-Eleven get one 4-inch-diameter slice of arabiki inside. Soon as I saw 'em, I knew wuz genius cuz this arabiki looked more to my liking. It's kinda like one slice of ham where it has way less casing and way more sausage!

the jumbo-ness

Every single ting you need fo' know

So inside this musubi get da arabiki sausage slice that has one teriyaki glaze on top, some pepper, mayo and egg.

At $2.99 it's pretty filling. But das cuz da proportions is way off. Just looking at 'em you can already tell get waaay too much rice. I thought da thickness of da arabiki wuz fine, but if they wuz going use that much rice, then it needed two slices of arabiki. My cousin's husband's sassy sister, she crack me up when she saw my musubi and she said, "That's some paper-thin egg." I told her, I tink it's there more for decoration. Lol.

Da verdict

Closer inspection of that humangous arabiki sausage!

My super smart foodie friend told me they sell this humangous arabiki sausage at DQ, so that got me excited. Taking his lead, I immediately went to Daiei (I know it's called Don Quijote now, but at least I no call 'em Holiday Mart anymore). But to my disappointment, I no could find 'em. I couldn't even find one empty slot for where it might've been if it had sold out. Could my friend have been mistaken?

So I reached out to Redondo's for see what's da deals with this humangous arabiki. Tony Nakashima, da VP of sales and operations, informed me that this sausage wuz one special exclusive. They made 'em special for 7-Eleven for this musubi! Whaaat?!

Anyhow, getting back to da review. So I tink this musubi itself is kinda lose money. Cuz da part that brings me joy is da arabiki slice, but that means I paying $2.99 for da slice. But what a slice it is! If Redondo's stay listening, you should sell this sausage!

Hopefully Redondo's stay using this opportunity as one test for gauge interest. I really hope they sell 'em in da store one day cuz I like make some Goteberg-style UFO musubis, but using this humangous arabiki sausage instead. Ho, that would be winnahs, ah!