Hidden gems: The pastries at Bakery & Table

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The minute I step into Bakery & Table for brunch, it’s sensory overload. Jewel-like baked goods, the aroma of fresh bread: I immediately forget about the brunch menu and head straight for the pastries.

The vast assortment of pastries at Bakery & Table is unreal.

The vast assortment of pastries is unreal.

From unique items like chocolate chip melon pan ($3.25) and matcha chestnut ($3.25) to traditional croissants, this is the mecca of beautiful pastries. And since their bakery is on-site, these and the assortment of breads are fresh.

Best-selling items like curry pan (roll) and croissants are available daily. However, if you want something more unique — like matcha chestnut — it’s best to call ahead and ask.

Here’s what worth a serious carb binge:

The curry pan includes a generous amount of curry filling and—surprise—and egg in the middle.

The curry pan includes a generous amount of curry filling and — surprise — an egg in the middle.

First things first. Bakery & Table is known for their curry pan ($3.75). Each bite is an explosion of flavors and textures. The curry is savory and thick — think Japanese curry sans the bowl — and there’s even an egg in the middle. But the bread is my favorite part. The exterior is slightly crunchy and the interior is soft and chewy. It’s like eating a pastry with a Rice Krispy coating (without the marshmallows).

The Croissant Aux Amandes ($3.25) — the French way of saying “almond croissant” — is another popular item. It may not be the most attractive, given its flat appearance, but it’s a sure crowd-pleaser — a flaky croissant topped with almond slivers and dusted lightly with powdered sugar. The toasted flavor and crispy shell offset the sweet almonds. This is perfect for those who want something sweet without chocolate.

Cronut ($3.75) flavors range from fruity (lilikoi) to indulgent (chocolate).

Cronut ($3.75) flavors range from fruity (lilikoi) to indulgent (chocolate).

The Cronuts (croissant-donuts) here immediately attract my attention because of their distinct shape. They feature two thin layers of croissant dough and a filling. The fruity flavors are fragrant and amazing. The pastries seem to be more croissant than donut, but it’s not a bad thing. Since the croissant layers are so light, flaky and fresh, there’s no guilt trip.

The milk chocolate drizzle is darker, so it looks like dark chocolate. The bakery even has white chocolate croissants sometimes.

I can’t ever leave a bakery without something chocolaty. This milk chocolate croissant ($3.25) is the perfect pick-me-up. It’s not overly sweet, but includes enough chocolate to curb any craving. It reminds me of my favorite chocolate Napple from Napoleon’s Bakery: layers of flaky pastry dough interspersed with delicate chocolate drizzle. This one’s easily my go-to because of its comforting taste and texture mixed with a dash of elegance.

Pastries aren’t always cheaper by the dozen.

Pastries aren’t always cheaper by the dozen.

While pastries at Bakery & Table typically cost $3-4, here’s an insider tip. Bakery boxes are only $8 after the bakery closes at 6 p.m. Talk about a deal — you can get an assortment of six to eight pastries for about one-third of the normal price. So you can multi-task: Stop in for happy hour or dinner and scope out the pastry deals … right?

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