Hawaii Sushi has $6 poke bowls

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Yes, that's right, you can get yourself a $6 poke bowl on any given day at both Hawaii Sushi shops. For fresh fish, straight from a local fish market, that's a sweet catch. Every day, there’s a different $6 poke bowl, though some overlap between the locations. The lineup changes each month so customers can switch up their routine.
At both locations, look for the sign with the daily special in the cold case.

Hawaii Sushi posts thier daily special bowls on Instagram so you can plan your visits accordingly. At the shops, it's easy to find them in the refridgerated case, just look for the sign that says "Today's $6 bowl."

There's a good amount of pre-packed specials for hungry customers to grab and go.

So you know what to expect, here’s what the specials were in July:

Market City 

  • Sunday: ahi poke bowl
  • Monday: salmon poke bowl
  • Tuesday: spicy ahi bowl
  • Wednesday: hamachi and salmon bowl
  • Thursday: ahi poke (garlic shoyu)
  • Friday: mix poke bowl
  • Saturday: salmon and tekka bowl

Diamond Head 

  • Sunday: rainbow poke bowl
  • Monday: salmon poke bowl
  • Tuesday: spicy ahi bowl
  • Wednesday: ahi poke (garlic shoyu)
  • Thursday: salmon and tekka bowl
  • Friday: Cajun spicy ahi bowl
  • Saturday: tekka and hamachi bowl  

Each poke bowl contains an eight ounce portion of sushi rice, but the amount of fish varies depending on the special. For example, the Cajun spicy ahi bowl from the Diamond Head location contains just over three ounces of ahi, which is okay for the $6 price. It's regularly $11, so you’re getting a $5 discount. The avocado spicy ahi bowl, the shop's bestseller, is $13. But, snag Tuesday's special and you can add a generous side of avocado for $2, saving you another $5 bill.  

Cajun spicy ahi bowl, which is the Friday special at the Hawaii Sushi Diamond Head location. Even though it’s called “Cajun spicy,” it’s actually not very spicy.

When I order Friday's mix poke bowl at the Market City location, I’m told each bowl contains roughly 4.59 ounces of poke making it an even better bargain for the price point. As much as I love spicy ahi, I’m ordering poke from now on to get the maximum amount of fish for my order. 

The mix poke bowl features a medley of hamachi, salmon and ahi.

For $6, it's totally worth it — especially because you're guaranteed to get fresh fish every time. 

Another one of my favorites: salmon and tekka (tuna) sashimi bowl.

Confession: I had to look up what tekka was, but once I figured out it was tuna, the salmon and tekka sashimi bowl seemed like an even better deal. I was already sold on the salmon alone, simply because I love salmon, but the tekka is good too. I resist eating too fast and savor each bite. 

Uni lovers can add sweet lobes of urchin to their bowls for just $10 more or two pieces of uni nigiri on the side for $8.

Regardless of the location you visit, call ahead to ask about the special’s availability or place your order for pick up. During my visits, I've gone at the start of lunch (around 11 a.m.), but the specials are known to sell out before dinner.

Hawaii Sushi

Diamond Head
3045 Monsarrat Ave.
10 a.m. - 8 p.m. daily

Market City Shopping Center
2919 Kapiolani Blvd.
10 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily