Fat Kid Friday: XXL double-wide Maui Onion cheeseburger

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Can we live in there?
Can we live in there?

We’re back in Waikiki and this round we're getting comfy with a smash burger as big as a couch. The double-wide Maui Onion Cheeseburger, as Ms. Maria describes, goes wide instead of tall so each bite is uniform from start to finish. Maui Onion Burger at The Street takes their standard half-pound beef patty and smashes it on the flattop to six-inches in diameter, producing a uniquely crisp edge that we really liked.

The Maui Onion Cheesburger with Spam, eggs, mushrooms and avocado. 

The burger ($14.99) features Maui onions three ways: raw, deep fried, and caramelized, but we took it a step beyond by adding Spam, eggs, garlicky "magic" mushrooms and avocado for $1.99 each to create a burger behemoth. With its custom fit Hawaiian sweetbread bun, twangy surf sauce, lettuce and American cheese, we found it difficult enough to contain it all in our hands, let alone take a clean bite. Our attempts were futile, but we managed to mop up.

As you know, that's just the way we Fat Kids play.