Fat Kid Friday: 14" hot dogs with kalua pork and onion rings

You thought Costco's was big? Uncle Glenn's behemoths are weird and ono
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Fat Kid Friday is a video series spotlighting exuberant dishes across Oahu. Crazy, ginormous or over-the-top luxe, these are the broke-the-mouth dishes we push across the table and tell our friends, “Try this. TRY IT.”

Common Kings dog ($10.99) topped with bacon, pickles, barbecue sauce, garlic mayo, kalua pork and onion rings.

Most people driving toward Kaneohe town wouldn’t notice Uncle Glenns Hawaiian Food, formerly called Hale Pops. It’s literally a small pink facade on the mauka side of Kam Highway.

But inside you'll find Hawaiian food, shave ice and some of the island’s best hot dogs. We’re talking 14-inch, all-Angus beef hot dogs so loaded with toppings that they require not flimsy hot dog buns, but sturdy, toasted French rolls. Two halves fill a large Styrofoam clamshell. This is a single hot dog.

Big Ronin ($10.99) comes with daikon, teri wasabi, spicy mayo, furikake and French Fries.

The hot dogs are juicy in and of themselves, but the toppings take them to the next level. The crispy onion rings add a nice crunch to the Common Kings, while the bacon and savory kalua pork are more than enough for any carnivore. Meanwhile, the Big Ronin is a larger-than-life Japa dog, complete with a sweet wasabi teri sauce and French fries topped with mayo and furikake.

In a dog-eat-dog world, these tasty creatures definitely come out on top.

Uncle Glenns Hawaiian Food
45-726 Kam. Hwy.

– Fat Kid Friday concept and title by Brandon Lee
– Video by Kai Kojimoto 

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