Eating is believing: Chogajib's $6.99 lunch set specials

Choose from seven soups + stews and yes, banchan sides are included
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Eating is believing is a series spotlighting great deals on incredible food.
What: 5th Anniversary lunch specials
Where: Chogajib Korean Restaurant
When: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Price: $6.99
Compare: Regular prices range from $8.95 to $14.95
Fullness factor: 8 out of 10

The deets

Chogajib is a funky little restaurant in the middle of Honolulu's Koreatown. With grass shack awnings and blinking Christmas lights, it channels tiki bar kitsch, but don't be fooled – they're a Korean restaurant. Since it's open until 5 a.m., chances are you've stopped here to sober up over fried mandoo, kimchee pancakes and sizzling platters of spicy pork bulgogi. 
But stop in between 10 a.m and 2 p.m. and their fifth anniversary lunch specials will run you just $6.99, plus tax and tip of course. Choose from seven soups including the crowd favorites soondubu tofu soup (with Spam, seafood, pork or beef), seolleongtang oxtail soup and spicy chicken soup. All come with a bowl of rice and a selection of banchan sides. The caveat is you must eat in.
The 5th Anniversary lunch special menu
The 5th anniversary lunch special menu. 


The oxtail bone soup, sollangtang with banchan is normally $15.
The oxtail bone soup or seolleongtang with banchan is $8.95 on the regular menu. - Photo by Mari Taketa

The seolleongtang oxtail soup is traditionally bland to start with. You season it to your preference by adding daikon kimchee juice (ask for it), green onions and coarse sea salt. It's made by boiling oxtail bones with brisket meat and soft, jiggly tendon. Thin somen hide underneath. It's quite nice if you're looking for something lighter but can't survive on just salad.

The lunch crowd at 12 p.m. is a mix of everyone but they don't linger so you'll find a table easy. 


The soondubu soft tofu soup with beef with banchan is normally $9.
The soondubu with beef and banchan is normally $8.95.

The soondubu or silken tofu soup comes to the table bubbling and hides a secret – they drop in an egg just before delivery. You'll want to look for it so you can stir the yolk to thicken the slightly spicy broth. It's so comforting eaten with rice, especially with the strange rainy and windy weather we've been having. 



Free parking is onsite (it's near Chicken Shack and Ahi Fresh Off the Boat) with lots located on both sides of the restaurant.  
Chogajib Korean Restaurant • 825 Keeaumoku St. • Ala Moana • 744-3440