Droolworthy: Volcano Eggs at Koko Head Cafe

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Koko Head Cafe Volcano Eggs

Volcano Eggs

Koko Head Cafe

When I wake up in the morning and I’m craving something to eat, nine times out of ten I’ll be looking for eggs, meat and toast. Sounds really basic, but when you take a trip to Koko Head Cafe, that basic desire looks a whole lot more attractive!

Baked eggs nestled in a skillet of not-too-spicy chunky tomato sauce, a mix of north shore veggies and diced Portuguese sausage, and topped with cheddar cheese match the dish name perfectly. The Volcano Egg’s swirl of reds and yellows trick you into thinking it’s molten hot, especially when you break into the eggs and mix everything in the skillet together. Spoon some of the steaming mixture onto a slice of the accompanying toast and take a nice big bite to get a taste of that eggs-meat-toast breakfast trifecta.

Koko Head Cafe Volcano Eggs

You can choose north shore veggies, Portuguese sausage, or a mix of both.

The $13 Volcano Eggs will always be part of my ideal breakfast from Koko Head Cafe. Pair it with a Coffee Plus and side of Breakfast Bruchetta for a truly great meal.

Koko Head Cafe
1145C 12th Ave.
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