Droolworthy: Pizza spring rolls at Manichi Ramen

Molten, crispy, off-menu insanity from a ramen shop

Pepperoni pizza spring rolls. It's love at first sight when fellow Frolicker Thomas Obungen shows me the photo on Manichi Ramen's Facebook page. Thomas knows I love cheese and anything fried. We head to Manichi the first chance we get.

An off-menu special, the spring rolls ($6.50 for two) debuted in November at Manichi's Kona Street restaurant and are only available here. All you have to do is ask.

These spring rolls are topped with cheese and pepperoni bits, and fully loaded with pizza-licious filling.

Be forewarned: These rolls are stuffed with piping hot cheddar cheese and pepperoni. I burn my mouth when I take a huge bite, but I’m too distracted by how good it is to notice. I also can't stop eating. This really does taste like pizza, except the doughy crust is replaced by a gloriously fried, crunchy, golden-brown spring roll wrapper.

Each cheesy bite leaves me wanting more. Next time, I’m not sharing. 

Manichi Ramen
1430 Kona St.
Daily 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m.