Donuts, milk tea and colossal snow desserts in one spot

Have you been to McCully Shopping Center lately?
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Whether you're craving dessert, an afternoon pick-me-up or a snack on the go, McCully Shopping Center has what you need.

Coffee or Tea?

Milk tea ($3.75) and fresh papaya milk ($4) are customer favorites at Coffee or Tea?

Milk tea ($3.75) is the most popular drink at Coffee or Tea?, and it's easy to see why. Assam black tea creates a rich, robust base, with brown sugar adding a gentle sweetness.

What else? There's flavored iced tea, cheesecake and Taiwanese-style shave ice topped with yums like boba, coffee jelly and green tea ice cream, all in bowls big enough for two. For a caffeine-free option, fresh papaya milk ($4) comes highly recommended. It’s made with local papayas and is perfect when you want something refreshing but not overly sweet.  

Customers also love the coffee jello ($2.75), a popular Vietnamese dessert. Similar to boba (tapioca), it can be added to the milk teas is available as a standalone snack. Choose between vanilla or hazelnut syrup creamer for added flavor.

Snow Factory

Choose from Snow Factory's 50-plus flavor combos, or create your own snow dessert. This one includes the savory bacon moffle (waffle with bacon bits).

With more than 50 flavors to choose from, the options for combinations at Snow Factory are endless. Here's a tip: try #7 Green tea & taro ($6.50 small, $7.25 large) — it's the best-seller. If you love matcha and taro, this mouthwatering combo of mochi, condensed milk and yogurt pops is a colossal winner topped with chewy-soft azuki beans.

In the mood for something sweeter? #36 Strawberry & banana ($8 small, $8.75 large) is perfect for sweet tooths, a rich, fruity treat topped with mochi, condensed milk, chocolate syrup and fresh bananas and strawberries.

Want to create your own snow combo? The sky’s the limit. Prices vary depending on size and number of flavors — choose from honeydew, kiwi, li hing mui, coffee, Nutella, cinnamon toast and more. Toppings include everything from coconut flakes and lychee pops to pineapple jelly and Oreo cookie chunks. Snow Factory is also where you'll find the Bacon Moffle, a waffle with bacon strips and bits in the middle. This topping is available for $1.50, and scrumptious when you want some savory on your snow.

Regal Diner

Regal Diner is known for its fresh cake and yeast donuts in a variety of flavors. 

You can find breakfast specials and plate lunch fare at Regal Diner, but this spot is rightly known for its craveable assortment of cake and yeast donuts, most costing $1.40. Flavors? Think everything from red velvet and blueberry to cotton candy, coffee cake and muddy (think cookies and cream).

Whether you’re getting a few donuts or a dozen, be sure to add some green tea ($2.75) and red velvet ($1.40) cake donuts, and chocolate chip ($2.25) yeast donuts to your mix. Green tea is a rich, exotic matcha-flavored cake donut with matcha white chocolate icing. The red velvet cake donut is topped with cream cheese icing and cake crumbs, while the chocolate chip yeast donut is drizzled with chocolate icing and chocolate chips. Keep your eyes peeled for the featured donut of the month and discounts on donut dozens.

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