Did this: Hawaii Wiener Derby 2015

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Dozens of dachschunds and their friends met up at Hoalauna Park in Ewa Beach early Saturday to crown the quickest wiener on the island.

Here’s a preview of the race from a dachshund’s-eye view.


I woke up my sleepy dachshund Rondo and headed over to the park for his second ever derby. Last year he was more interested in chatting with fellow racers than in showing off his really awesome speed. We didn’t feel the need to train at all for this year, confident that our pre-race pep talk was all the boost we would need. Rondo is a born sprinter, in our opinion.

The races were organized into three categories: puppies, adults and veterans (9+ years old). Up to eight dachshunds were loaded into the starting block at a time and ran down the course to their owner. The first to cross the finish line with all four paws won.

This is Rondo winning his heat and earning a spot in the finals. He ended up running to the wrong person, which made for an awkward moment, but it was understandable in all the excitement of his second ever derby. I forgave him.

The dachshunds are loaded and ready to race.
Their friends are behind the finish line encouraging their wiener to cross the line first.
And they're off!
Here they come. Races were quick, they sprinted down the course in under 10 seconds.
The top three dogs were (left->right) Rondo (third place), Frankie (first place) and Artie (second place).
We met Charlie, she took third place at last year's Wiener Derby.
Dachschunds and friends.
Artie is one of the fasted dachshunds around, he has been on the podium before and this year was no exception.
The race from a dachshund's height.
This little guy was happy to see us.
Be sure to keep up with Hawaii Wiener Derby news on their Facebook page.
My little guy took third place. This is the second year racing and first time he's gotten a medal.
This dachshund is blind but she still cheered on her friends from the sidelines.