What kine stuff from Trader Joe's do you bring back/love getting for omiyage?

Da Top 10 stuffs Hawaii people always get from Trader Joe's

I.e. how da cashiers can tell you from Hawaii
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"You're from Hawaii, aren't you?" da Trader Joe's cashier asked my friend.

"Why? Because I'm Asian?" my friend came self-conscious all of a sudden. 

"You Hawaii people," da cashier said, shaking her head. "You always buy the same things."

When my friend told us this story, I wondered is it true or what? I used to tink da giveaway wuz da snack-to-food ratio of your Trader Joe's cart. Like if da cashier sees you get 100% snacks and 0% food, then das likely you from Hawaii.

But maybe what da cashier said is true. Hawaii people love their Trader Joe's. It wuz voted Honolulu Magazine's top store that Hawaii people wish we had. And maybe us Hawaii guys really do select all da exact same stuffs. Using one completely unscientific kine method, I polled my friends for come up with this Telltale Top 10.

No. 10: Roasted Coconut Chips

It's funny, even if we no normally like coconut, Hawaii people like these chips.

No. 9: Spud Crunchies potato snacks

This taste pretty much like those Jagabee Potato Snacks that you can find at Asian markets, but I guess local people like these cute Trader Joe's characters. Lol. 

No. 8: Crepe Wafer Cookies

This da first time I got these, but my fellow Frolicker Thomas Obungen says "these the cookies you get with gelato at Nordstrom. Sooo good!"

No. 7: Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets

Not as flavorful as kakimochi, but not as unflavorful as one rice cracker. It achieves that perfect balance.

No. 6: Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

I personally tink Hawaii get mo' bettah kine. Try read my chocolate-covered coffee bean taste test.

See also: Who makes da best chocolate-covered coffee bean?

No. 5 (tie): Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning and Multipurpose Umami Seasoning blends

Nobody ever gave me da Bagel one, but this umami one is great for steak!

No. 4 (tie): Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Milk Chocolate Smashing Smores

Get planny chocolate candies, but these two stand out. 

No. 3: Butter Waffle Cookies

I really not sure why this so popular. I tink Hawaii people just go nuts at Trader Joe's whenever they see da word "butter." Lol.

No. 2: Trader Joe's shopping bags

This da only non-snack item for make da list.

No. 1: Speculoos Cookie Butter and actually whatever kine butter

I thought this butter ting would just be one passing fad, but seems like Hawaii people still infatuated. I get friends whose family members buy whole wagons of this for bring back. Das nuts!

Pretty much da only junk ting about Trader Joe's is that Hawaii don't have one. Oh, but get one noddah junk ting too. Trader Joe's often stops making stuff. Like I wanted for try sample their Mochi Cake Mix, cuz my friend said wuz really good butter mochi, but I guess da continent wuzn't ready for that cuz my friend bought it once, then on her next visit they told her it wuz discontinued. Too bad for da continent.

Some of my personal favorites that nevah make da list and I dunno if they still exist or what are Coffee Syrup, Churro Bites, and Cornbread Crisps.

From da items my friend got for us in da top photo, da only ting that nevah make da Top 10 wuz da Parmesean Crisps. What's your favorite ting for score from Trader Joe's? Did all your favorites make da list? If not, what favorites stay missing?