Rinka cold soba set honolulu japanese restaurant cool slurps

Rinka's cold soba set with sushi, $18.75

Photo By Grace Ryu

Cool slurps: Rinka's cold soba and sushi lunch

Chill and filling at Kakaako's popular teishoku lunch spot
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I will take any opportunity to eat at Rinka, especially its new sleek Ward location. I’ve tried almost the whole menu and whatever I order, it is always good, authentic and accessible Japanese food. I especially love their lunch specials. When I am hot and I am hungry, I order the cold soba set with three pieces of nigiri and one inari sushi. Each set also comes with a meaty chawanmushi, miso soup and your choice of two sides from a variety tray.

Rinka Soba set
Soba (buckwheat noodles)

The noodles are thin and light, paler than most, slippery yet firm, and grip the tsuyu dipping sauce just right. Rinka gives you an adorable quail egg and green onions to put into your tsuyu — it’s a nice touch that adds richness and sharpness. The sushi is fresh and definitely fills me up.  The sides I choose on this day are simmered lotus root and steamed octopus. Everything is delicious.

Rinka sushi honolulu japanese restaurant
Sushi from Rinka's Cold Soba Set

And their food isn’t the only cool thing! The interior of the restaurant is quite airy and feels ultra modern yet casual.  Ample parking is available at the Whole Foods parking lot for free.


Rinka Japanese Restaurant
1001 Queen St. #105
Daily 11a.m. - 10 p.m.