Kale udon noodles with basil pesto and watercress

Cool slurps: Basil pesto kale udon at Zigu

Verdant chilled udon tossed with refreshing pesto is the epitome of zen
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Although I've waxed poetic about the smoked egg and potato salad that in my opinion is a mandatory order at Zigu, these warm nights have me craving their cold basil pesto kale udon with watercress. Every morning, the udon master incorporates local kale puree into the dough he folds over and over to create the bouncy green strands that are the foundation of Zigu's six cold noodle dishes. Of them, the basil pesto udon is the best showcase of flavor, with its bright basil and nutty macadamia suspended in olive oil. The slightly bitter watercress adds crunch and punctuates the dish with an element of spice – a finessed balance that makes this dish the epitome of zen. 
413 Seaside Ave, 1F
Monday - Saturday 4 p.m. - 1 a.m.
Sunday Closed

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