MyungRang Korean Hotdog on a stick

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Broke da mouth: Korean kine hotdogs on a stick

MyungRang's squid ink mozzarella hot dog is not like one hot dog you ate before
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I wuz just wandering around da Makai Market Food Court at Ala Moana Center and I came across MyungRang Rice Hotdog Hawaii, one kiosk in da dimly lit, central area of da food court. My first instinct wuz for ask if this place wuz legit from Korea. Cuz fairly recently I came across one noddah hot dog place at Ala Moana that looked like it might be from Japan, but when I asked, they said it wuzn't. Just their manga-looking decor made da place look Japanese-y.  



Da guy at MyungRang Rice Hotdog Hawaii said they wuz indeed from Korea and he stared at me like, "isn't it kinda obvious," but he wuz kind enough for give me da 4-1-1. He said they're SUPER popular in Korea. For reals? I asked. He said they get over 1,200 locations there, and this is da FIRST one in Hawaii.

The menu at MyungRang Hotdog kioskI admit, he wuz good at hyping this place up. But still yet, I thought it wuz strange, cuz none of my foodie friends had said anything about this place before, so I asked how long they wuz open in Hawaii then. I full on cracked up when he said, Oh, one day. And actually they wuzn't even really open-open yet. They wuz just pre-open. Their real grand opening wuz da day after Thanksgiving.

While I wuz there, a good number of people ordered various hot dogs. Prices range from $3.50 to $6.50 per hot dog. But there wuz one hot dog in particular that people kept stopping just to ask about. It wuz da one I wanted for know more about too, da No. 6 Squid-ink and Mozzarella in the dog.

Had three oddah people who saved me da trouble cuz they stopped to ask about this before me. I watched as da guy at da counter explained it differently to each person. To da first person he explained how it didn't have any actual squid in it. To da second person he said da same thing, then added, It just has squid ink. And to da last person he added a little bit of extra clarification, Squid ink has no taste, his voice trailed off as da person walked away. Wuz funny how so many people wuz curious, but he had no takers for this one.

Somebody gotta try 'em right? I figured wuz my Frolic duty for chance 'em den. But I also decided for get Potato hotdog as my back up hot dog. In case I nevah care for this squid ink one.

When I got my order, at da counter I noticed they had regular ketchup and mustard, but they also had one whole buncha unusual condiment offerings like honey butter powder, cheese mustard sauce, sweet chili sauce, cheddar cheese sauce and more! They kinda had too many choices so I nevah know what for pick.

Because this wuz my first time, I decided for just try 'em plain. I kinda regretted it, cuz later on when I looked at their website I saw how da condiments really prettied up da hotdogs. I think I would go back again just for try various condiment combos! 


I tried da squid ink and mozzarella one first. I like how they cut da hot dog at da end so da bottom part looks like squid tentacles. And I can see why this is popular in Korea. Koreans love fried mozzarella sticks, so just adding one hot dog to that makes a lotta sense.

Da batter is not like corn dog batter. This one stay made from rice flour so has a little bit of extra crisp. Da top half of da dog wuz da cheese half and da bottom half wuz da part with da hot dog. Initially it didn't seem that pricey, but when you think about it, you're just getting half a hot dog! But it's so good that you probably won't even care.

I gotta admit da guy wuz right, I could not taste da squid ink at all. In da picture on da menu da squid ink batter looks really black. I think da color scares a lotta people off. Da one I got turned out more gray looking. So I guess it wuz a little less scary. I asked da people I wuz with if anybody wanted for try this too. Everyone said, No thank you.

I tink basically I paid one extra dollar just for Fear Factor bragging rights. But thinking about it more, maybe wuz worth da extra dollar. Cuz if I had gotten da regular Mozzarella in the dog, then everybody would've wanted for try 'em. But since nobody else wanted this one, I got da whole delicious dog all to myself! I'm quite da genius after all. Lol.



And as I predicted I had for share my potato hotdog. Also as I predicted, everyone liked it. Cuz it's pretty much just like eating hot dog and french fries with da novelty being that it's all stuck together in one thing. I can see why their website boldly makes da proclamation, "Korea's hottest street food is here!"

I super excited for go back. Next time, I going experiment with da condiments and I think I going pay dollar more for add some mozzarella to my potato dog. Fried mozzarella is quite addicting.

MyungRang Rice Hotdog
Ala Moana Center, Makai Market Food Court