Broke da mouth: H&T Burgers stay open at Pearlridge

Da famous teri burger has come to my hood!
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I gotta admit, years back when I first saw da H&T Burgers open up at Windward Mall I wuz kinda skeptical. I attributed da long lines to there being no other burger places around since da McDonald's in da mall closed down. I figured people craving one burger wuz just going to H&T by default. But time and time again, I saw ukuplanny people. One day I just decided for chance 'em and I glad I did cuz their teri-burger has been my favorite ever since!

Several months ago I seen one sign announcing that H&T Burgers wuz going be coming to Pearlridge. Das da mall in my lifelong hood, Aiea. Now it's finally here! Da place wuz open for only little while, but da legend of their teri-burger wuz already growing. Wuz like half da people wuz already H&T fans and they wuz bringing along their uninitiated friends who nevah heard of it before. Wuz kinda funny for eavesdrop on top their conversations.

"What's one H&T Burger?"
"Brah, you nevah heard of H&T Burgers!!!"

"What do you get from here?"
"Da teri-burger! Duh!" (He nevah actually said Duh, but that's what his tone said. Lol.)
"Oh yeah no, can smell da teriyaki sauce!"

"What does H&T stand for?"
(Without skipping one beat). "Hammer Time!"
"For real?"
"Nah, I dunno. Who cares? Trust me, it's good."

H&T get oddah kine stuff too like cheeseburgers, teri-beef sandwich, teri-chicken sandwich, hot dogs and chili dogs. And they make plate lunches with any of da teri-things that they have. While I know get some people who like da teri-chicken sandwich or da teri-beef plate, from all da times I ever went there, da only thing I ever had wuz da teri-burger. It's soooo good that I nevah really wanted for try anything else. Usually da only decision I gotta make is if I want teri-sauce on da fries. I would recommend saying yes to teri-fries, cuz it's THAT good. And I would also recommend asking for a fork, cuz it's also THAT messy. #nomonomoono



H&T Burgers
Pearlridge Shopping Center, Downtown
98-1005 Moanalua Rd.