Broke da Mouth: Arby's Big Kahuna and Luau Chicken sandwiches

Arby's says get one "tropical surprise." Shaka or no shaka?
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Da ad for da New King's Hawaiian Sandwiches at Arby's popped up on top my Facebook. I had tried their special fish and roast beef sandwiches before where they use King's Hawaiian sweetbread, but this latest round of limited-time offerings seemed more fancier. This time they wuz giving 'em Hawaiian-sounding names like Luau Chicken and Big Kahuna. And they hyped up da sandwiches as combining "Sweet King's Hawaiian buns with savory Arby's Meats. Plus a few tropical surprises, just like in Hawaii." I wondered what da surprise wuz going be. Bettah not be pineapple I thought, cuz das kinda one junk surprise.

They also had one third King's Hawaiian choice, da Smokehouse Brisket, which nevah interest me that much, cuz it seemed less Hawaii. Though that one had da special sweetbread kine buns too, nevah have da "tropical surprise," nor did it have one Hawaiian name. Maybe da people on Arby's marketing team only knew two Hawaiian words das why. I dunno.

We can have one whole debate about cultural appropriation and whether or not they should even be giving their sandwiches Hawaiian-sounding names in da first place. But for da purpose of this review I just like focus on if these sandwiches is any good. Cuz shame ah, for Hawaii people, if da ting taste junk!

Da first one I sampled wuz da sweet and spicy Luau Chicken Sandwich ($8.49). Had da buttermilk chicken fillet, plus ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and I guessing da sauce must've been da surprise. Cuz it had a little heat, but wuz also tropical fruity, like pineapple. Lol. Really? I thought. So I looked 'em up later on top da Arby's website and it said it's one PINEAPPLE habanero mustard sauce. I wuz right. Lol. I think pineapple wuz da star of this sandwich. This thing tasted waaaaaaay too sweet for me. I suppose it would taste OK without da sauce, but I think that wuz da point of this sandwich.

Grade: NO SHAKA.



On to da next one. I studied da Big Kahuna Sandwich ($9.99) and it made me laugh. Cuz it made me think of when you go to one plate lunch place and you dunno what for order. Lotta times when you no can decide, you just get da mix plate which get little bit of everything, right? This sandwich is kinda li'dat. Da ting get chicken, pig AND cow too. When you eat this, you eating da whole farm, brah. 

This Big Kahuna is super humongous. It's pretty much exactly like da Luau Chicken one except it comes with da addition of some pit-smoked ham and smoked brisket too. Da sauce looked strikingly similar except it tasted less sweet and more spicy. In da oddah sandwich da pineapple taste wuz in da forefront, but for this one, da pineapple taste kinda stayed in da background for some reason. I wuz curious so I went back to ask da cashier if da sauces wuz different or same-same. She looked it up on her register and said it's da same pineapple habanero sauce. But for some reason I thought da sauce worked well on this sandwich. I really enjoyed this one.

Grade: SHAKA!

Logically I know my review no make sense. Cuz I should either like both or dislike both, cuz da sauce is da same sauce and da only difference is one get beef and ham and one no more. Da only thing I can think of that might account for this discrepancy is maybe one person nevah shake da sauce bottle maybe? Or maybe da person who made my Chicken Luau sandwich put planny sauce and da person who made my Big Kahuna put da perfect amount. But I not sure what da guideline supposed to be. Maybe da Chicken Luau one had da correct sauce amount according to how corporate wanted it and da fact I got one good-tasting Big Kahuna sandwich wuz just a fluke.

Who knows, right? All I know is if you decide for try these, maybe mo' bettah you ask for da sauce on da side.