Best snacks at Disneyland

How to eat your way through the Happiest Place on Earth without stopping at restaurants
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Whenever I see long lines at restaurants throughout Disneyland Park, I want to shake my head. Those poor, unfortunate (and probably hangry) souls. 

I have nothing against Disneyland restaurants, but true foodie knows the best way to maximize eating is by snacking your way throughout the park. I’m talking about those kiosks and food carts you’ll find in Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Toontown, Critter Country, New Orleans Square and Tomorrowland. 

My favorite Disneyland Park eats

1. Are quick and I don’t have to waste time waiting for a dine-in table, and 
2. Can sometimes be limited to one location, while others are at multiple stores and bakeries.

Churros, popcorn and Mickey-shaped ice cream bars are delicious and all, but this roundup contains some of the more unique snacks you’ll find. Here are my favorites.

Peanut butter sandwich, $4.99

Don't get these peanut butter sandwiches confused with the S'mores squares, which look very similar on the outside.

Where to find it: Pooh Corner, Candy Palace

Why it’s magical: The original peanut butter sandwich was a salty-sweet mix of creamy peanut butter atop a graham cracker crust all coated with a luscious, thick layer of chocolate. If Candy Palace was out of stock, I would trek all the way to Critter Country's Pooh Corner (Disneyland regulars, you know that's far) just for this. 

In 2016, this sammie was slightly modified. It’s now made in-house, the outer chocolate layer is covered with chopped nuts and a dark chocolate Mickey decoration, and the peanut butter layer inside is much thicker. They got rid of the graham cracker component, which I miss a little, but I gladly take this more peanut buttery version any day. 

This modified peanut butter sandwich has a much thicker layer of peanut butter inside.

Bratwurst sausage, $8.49 

Bratwurst sausage is loaded with hickory-smoked bacon sauerkraut and served in a super soft garlic-and-herb brioche bun.

Where to find it: Troubadour Tavern (close to the It's a Small World ride)

Why it’s magical: If you want something savory bursting with flavor, this brat from Troubadour Tavern will do it. It’s served in a soft garlic-and-herb brioche bun and comes topped with hickory smoked bacon sauerkraut. The sausage is succulent and juicy, and the sauerkraut has a subtle, smoky flavor.

Sidenote: If you're craving other savory stuff, barbecue turkey legs ($11.49) and stuffed baked potatoes ($6.99) are also available here. 

Cheddar garlic bagel twist, $5.29

Cheese and carbs all the way because calories don't count in Disneyland.

Where to find it: Maurice’s Treats

Why it’s magical: When I want something bready but don't want to be overly stuffed, Maurice's Treats has my go-to. It’s super cheesy and garlicky, and it’s much lighter than a normal bagel (imagine a bagel-meets-churro texture).

You’ll reek of garlic after, but it’s so worth it. 

Boysen apple freeze, $5.49

This refreshing drink is like apple juice with a slight tang.

Where to find it: Maurice’s Treats

Why it’s magical: First off, it’s Boysen, not poison apple ... get it? It's frozen apple juice with hints of boysenberry (those are the red ribbons you see) topped with passionfruit foam. Your greatest challenge will be to sip it slowly, especially if it’s a scorching summer day. 

Mickey Mouse sundae, $7.99

This Mickey sundae can only be found at one food stand in Toontown. 

Where to find it: Clarabelle’s Snack Stand (Mickey’s Toontown)

Why it’s magical: It took me a while to find this highly Instagrammable treat because Clarabelle's in Toontown is the ONLY place you can get it. Choose vanilla, chocolate or swirl Dannon frozen yogurt, which is topped with chocolate cream cookies (like Oreos), chocolate candies and a bowtie to remind you of everyone’s favorite mouse. The rich Dannon soft serve is to die for by itself. It's creamy and silky, and after one bite of this sundae, you'll regret sharing. 

Fun fact: There’s a Minnie sundae counterpart, complete with a polka dot bow. The cashier says both are hugely popular, but the Mickey one is ordered just a tad more. 

Smoked turkey leg, $14.99 

This is what the smoked turkey leg looks like in the hot food cart display.

Where to find it: Turkey leg cart on Main Street, U.S.A., in Frontierland, at Edelweiss Snacks (by the Matterhorn), or Troubadour Tavern (for barbecue turkey leg)

Why it’s magical: A word to the wise: Even though you’ll be super stuffed after, it’s best to get a turkey leg during the day. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but they just taste fresher. We got ours from the cart on Main Street, U.S.A. in the evening, while it was still flavorful and super meaty, the skin was slightly dry and a little tough. But all that was forgotten as soon as we started tearing into the gloriously juicy meat. 

Look how large one turkey leg is in relation to my nearly 6-foot-tall boyfriend.

In case you’re wondering if this is worth the $15 price tag — any carnivore would agree that it is, considering all the meat you get in one sitting.

Spicy pickles, $3.99

Regular and spicy pickles can usually be found at various fruit carts throughout the park.

Where to find it: Tomorrowland Fruit Cart

Why it’s magical: Fruit carts are sprinkled throughout the park in case you feel like eating healthy (but who does that in Disneyland?!). These fruit carts are also home to regular and spicy pickles. The spicy ones have a slightly salty-vinegary flavor with a slight kick and a garlic aftertaste. Crunchy and sour, like what you’d find in a loaded New York deli sandwich, this snack is perfect if you want something a little different to tide you over for another ride or two. 

Lobster roll, $14.99

Lobster roll comes with housemade chips and is stuffed with a decent amount of lobster.

Where to find it: Harbour Galley

Why it’s magical: This buttered roll is stuffed with lobster chunks seasoned with celery, fresh chives and onions, and it comes with housemade chips. It's buttery and indulgent, and since it's on the petite side, it's perfect for snacking on before the Fantasmic! water show. 

Harbour Galley, a small shack along the Rivers of America near the Haunted Mansion, is a hidden gem. Just be sure to check its hours before you go — this food stand has more limited hours than most. 

Grande caramel macchiato, $5.39

It's a classic Starbucks caramel macchiato, but everything tastes better in Disneyland.

Where to find it: Market House 

Why it’s magical: Yes, they serve Starbucks’ signature beverages and baked goods at this coffee spot on Main Street, U.S.A. But these plastic cups are way cuter than the typical Starbucks packaging. I actually washed out my cup and kept it because it was so cute. Plus, in Market House you can get certain “You Are Here” mugs exclusive to Disneyland as omiyage for the coffee lovers in your life. 

Mac & cheese dog basket, $8.49

The hot dog isn't ginormous, but mac 'n cheese topping takes it to the next level.

Where to find it: Refreshment Corner 

Why it’s magical: You probably won’t recognize this spot by its official Refreshment Corner name. Instead, look for the sign that says “Corner Café” almost at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., and you’ll see it. This basket contains your traditional hot dog gone cheesy. It’s loaded with creamy mac ‘n cheese and bacon bits, and comes with your choice of sliced apples or a bag of chips. Talk about dog-gone deeeeeelicious