Bakery & Table takes over Saint-Germain's spot at Times Kahala

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When Saint-Germain Bakery announced they were closing their doors for good in August, I was devastated. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I really loved their savory rolls with spinach, mozzarella and ham. Don't get me started on the pizza roll. 

In its heyday, Saint-Germain pumped out trays of sweet and savory pastries daily at its Dee Lite Bakery locations at Times Waipahu, Times Kahala and on Dillingham Blvd in addition to a fourth Saint-Germain store at Ala Moana Center. After Dee Lite's closure, Bakery & Table from Piikoi and King St, took over the corner in Times Kahala next to the bank. If all goes well, you can expect them to roll out to other TImes locations on Oahu but for now it's just a test. 

So, are the B&T pastries and breads close to what I remember having from Saint-Germain?

The answer: They're very similar – I found at least 20 different rolls and pastries available daily on rotation, with packs of dinner rolls and loaves available for purchase as well. It’s a win for die-hard Saint-Germain customers who've missed picking up the soft, fresh loaves and savory Japanese-style pastries during their weekly market run. 

I’m making a case for Bakery & Table’s expansion into my hood at Times Kailua.

Bakery & Table in Times Supermarket Kahala

1173 21st Ave.