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So I’m sitting here last Friday, waiting for a DM from @EatGogi to confirm his Korean taco truck is really opening as tweeted at 5 p.m.

For the non-twitterati among you, that means I’m expecting a direct message from the owner of the truck, whose Twitter name is EatGogi. He’s already announced opening plans to all his Twitter followers. DMing lets us exchange private text messages without knowing each other’s phone numbers. Pretty awesome, no?

Ten weeks ago I knew none of this. I was the last Nonstop member to join Twitter, which is why I joined: It was embarrassing. I got a crash course and a startup list of tweeps to follow, and then I was left to tweet.

Which I do now all the time, especially on deadline. There’s no better way to procrastinate.

@GuyHagi looking for a Thai rice steamer? @coffee_tweets angsting over a lack of caffeine? @LTEatCupcakes have a special on lilikoi this week? @thedailydish post luscious crepe pics from Paris?

I tweet back at all of them. I haven’t even met most. It’s a new kind of social, which I now get. And when none of my usual suspects is available to help me eat at 5 p.m. last Friday, I find a new use for Twitter.

“anybody free at 5 sharp today?” I tweet (no caps, too time-consuming). “need to do a quick tasting at new place.”

Within minutes I get replies from @alari31, @808marv and @harrycovair. Still waiting for confirmation from @EatGogi, I tweet, but the new taco truck is supposed to open at the haunted house on Ala Moana. Will keep you posted.

I lie down for a quick rest and fall asleep. During my slumber @alari31 heads to the beach, @808marv is kept late at work — and @harrycovair jumps in his truck and drives to the haunted house.

At 5:15 I start awake. @harrycovair has left a bunch of DMs, starting with, “Gogi truck is here! I’m in parking lot. CMON DOWN.”

OMG! I swoosh on lipstick, grab my camera and run out the door. What my sister yells over the phone later never occurs to me: “You did WHAT?! With WHO?! How did you know he wasn’t a serial killer??!”

Who has time for details? Muchos tacos await; I need an eater.

“DO NOT TAKE ALA MOANA BLVD,” @harrycovair tweets. “Use back streets below Queen. Look 4 BLALAH w Kukui Hi tshirt.”

@harrycovair turns out to be a very nice guy. He introduces me to @EatGogi, whom he’s just made friends with, and two people in line ahead of us, who are McKinley classmates he hasn’t seen in 30 years. A teenager is staring shyly at the truck; @harrycovair takes out his wallet. “You hungry?” he asks, and buys her a taco.

And he turns out to be a good eater. He even offers to pay for his share. After my review goes up on the site the next day, he posts his own bite-by-bite review of the meal.

So I’ve found my new favorite use for Twitter. I may need more eaters soon. Interested? Follow me at

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