Frolic Hawaii's team

Frolic Hawaii's team of homegrown eaters, bloggers, photographers and editors covers the local food scene with passion and personality. We honor local: There's a special spot in our bellies for food that speaks to our souls. We'll eat anything, anywhere: Spam musubi, fried chicken, Kualoa oysters with the latest mignonette. We seek out what's delicious, new, quirky, exciting, hidden. And we don't mind a good drink along the way. Welcome to a world where food meets fun.

Eric Baranda

Eric Baranda

A big geek and even bigger nerd, Eric Baranda is a self-proclaimed otaku. He enjoys spending his free time reading comics, playing games and watching anime.

Melissa Chang

Melissa Chang

Urban Mix Plate

Melissa has been blogging regularly since 2007 and has more than 25 years’ experience in marketing and public relations. She is currently an independent marketing consultant, specializing in social media.

Jason Chin

Jason Chin

Educator Jason’s taste is rooted in his travels and Japanese and Chinese heritage. Sushi, noodles and fried potatoes are his weaknesses.

Myong Choi

Myong Choi

A diligent engineer by day and enthusiastic fun seeker by night, Myong's always on the lookout for the latest news in film, TV and pop culture. Sometimes vocal and always opinionated, he's ready to share his thoughts and experiences on what's going on around town.

Gregg Hoshida

Husband, father, home cook and voracious eater, Gregg is always on the lookout for the next culinary taste explosion. Frequent visitor to Japan and Taiwan, he considers izakayas and night markets part of his DNA.

Will McGough

Will is a travel writer and the editor of Hawaii's travel newspaper, Wake and Wander Hawaii (@wakeandwanderhawaii). He is a regular contributor for the Brewer's Association and has drunk beer in more than 70 countries.

Ed Morita

Ed Morita

Ed Morita is an executive pastry chef on Maui. Previously, he spent more than a decade working as a pastry chef at the Halekulani Hotel, The Greenbrier Resort & Spa in West Virginia, Bay Harbor Yacht Club in Michigan and Longhi’s Restaurant in Honolulu.

Thomas Obungen

Associate Editor

Thomas Obungen is obsessed with discovering and documenting the incredible culinary gems Hawaii has to offer. A short stint in the gastronomical mecca of Los Angeles expanded his insatiable appetite and now he's hungrier than ever. 

Rebecca Pang

A travel enthusiast and coffee addict, Rebecca is always up for an adventure. She runs her own marketing communications and public relations consultancy, Rebecca Pang & Co. Follow her @RebeccaPang on Instagram and Twitter.

Grace Ryu

Grace Ryu is that embarrassing friend with her camera and phone that asks you to "give her light" while she takes a pic of everything that passes her lips. While passionate about food, travel, and family, she’s all about talking story and big laughs. Grace is the face behind @grobusteats, a Honolulu foodie Instagram feed.

Grant Shindo

Grant Shindo

Chuggy Bear is a hungry foodie on the hunt for the best grinds in Hawaii and around the world. Follow his exploits and relive his meals, which can include roasted pig’s heads and three Michelin star set menus.

Lee Tonouchi

Lee A. Tonouchi

‘Da Pidgin Guerrilla’ Lee A. Tonouchi is one Pidgin author and playwright. He also sometimes contributes Da Kine 5 Tings We Love to da Honolulu Star-Advertiser. His favorite food is local food.

Kelli Shiroma

Senior Blogger

Born and raised in Honolulu, Kelli Shiroma moved back to Oahu in 2015 after pursuing her master of arts in journalism at USC and working for a year in San Diego. When it comes to food, Kelli's favorites can be boiled down to three main categories: brunch, cheese (mac & cheese) and desserts. Her interests include working out, traveling and all things Disney. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @kellishiroma.

Mari Taketa


Mari Taketa went through an entire career life cycle — journalism school, AP reporter, business magazine editor — before her rebirth as a food writer. She considers her blog, Deliriyum, part of her state of nirvana.